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Engineering Fascination
Inspirational thoughts are contagious

Many players struggle to figure out what items they can utilize with the crafting system outright. I propose a change that forces the player to think . o O (I could make a %object with that %item) when they see an appropriate object in a room, on a person, or even for sale at a store.

Ideally, this message would be limited to cartable %objects on a weekly or monthly basis to not overload people with explosive thoughts.

Like the idea, but how does this differ or improve upon just using 'ex %object' on something and seeing the Craft %object with %object other than it being an automated prompt.

It might be nice if it allowed that sort of interaction on shop shelves, rather than blindly buying items in hope that at some point you see the craft prompt with examine.

In a game where information is power I think this kind of coded hand-holding would devalue those of us who took the time to learn what goes into what ;P
I am not sure it is "Coded hand-holding" but putting into the skill your character gains knowledge and I think that should come with the perk of being able to understand that some items would be craft-able. If you know how to cook IRL, you already know the ingredients to use, the information pops into your brain and then you execute it. The same should happen for those whose characters "have the knowledge"

But that is just my two cents.

Is obscuring in game mechanics that can be used to create and spur on interesting RP a good thing? Sure it can be sore to lose grasp on a skill base you have invested in especially when that skill set goes beyond simply assigning UE liked medical, decking, crafting and so on. Does it make for a healthy game and community though? Would having something like a suggestion system like this help that new player spark new rp with this new knowledge, allow people to refresh roles quickly, even teach some older players things they had no idea they could do with their skills?

I see it as a positive thing if it was implemented well.

Combination crafting is definitely a bit weird. I think I had played for 3 years before I even knew it existed. It makes sense in principle for there to be some figuring out process, but basically ever crafted object I can think of has some arbitrary element as far as one item working and another not despite being the same sort of object.

As a result players often can't intuit what makes sense, they just have to brute force experiment or be told how to do it. Some parts of the game are super highly documented in help files, while others remain mysteries even in terms of syntax, so providing some sort of guidance on more opaque elements is probably a good thing.

I think the system is too obfuscated at this point, and would like to see that improved. I don't know that I would want to force thinks on people though.

What about something where if you inspect an item that is part of a crafting recipe and you have some of the skill needed to accomplish that, you see a message like:

"You think that with this and some ammunition you could attempt to craft a pipe bomb."

Inspect works but my only concern is you should be able to yield this information before purchase i.e. when appraising in the markets and looking at a shelf when at the store.
I do agree with @ReeferMadness on his statement of being able to determine things looking at things hanging on walls and in the markets.

I would like to toss in the idea of looking at a crafted item and with the appropriate skills and stats and possibly being able to reverse engineer it. Something like "You think that if you had X, Y, and Z, you might be able to make one yourself".

It's not a perfect replacement to better discoverability, but there is a cybernetic that feeds players hints about how to do things (like trying to fit two items together). Even if it wasn't a super common upgrade, having crafting information prompts provided through that might create enough of a knowledge base that all characters end up being able to learn from someone who knows someone who has it.
I like the cyber idea, I also like the idea of reverse engineering.
NPCs that trade "cookbook recipes" for favors would be a fun alternative as well.