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Emote Silently
A more discreet way to give that corpie a bird!

I'd love to see a 'emote silently' command that allows your character to do a subtle emote that could be only spotted if watching your character intently, even in the most exposed of rooms, or perhaps add checks and rolls to indicate alertness.

These can range from simple hand motions, showing idle interest in the form of a barely noticeable nod, character tics, ect.

And it wouldn't take away the option to simply emote softly and allow the interactions to stem from that form of interaction. Think it'd be an amazing way to give an added depth layer to PCs and NPCs.

This'd be cool for those moments when you're casually palming cash under a table, or slipping someone candy in a crowded club without making it obvious you're a dealer. Subtler actions, keeping things on the downlow.

Giving the corpie a casual middle finger behind his back is always welcomed too.

there is already a way to silently give someone something. Maybe a @trust to plant or steal would be interesting.
This already exists. 'emote softly'. It's the default. It's how you switch back to softly when you 'emote loudly'. In most crowded rooms you need to be watching someone to see what they are saying. The system is designed this way and to support this kind of thing. The only subjective thing is 'watching intently'-- if you 'watch person' you are considered to be watching someone intently.
I'd like an emote that functioned like whisper though.

Brenda is watching Fred out of the corner of her eye sitting next to Jessica.

Fred leans into Jessica and says, "Hayyyy girl can I get yo numba?"

[Silently] Brenda tries to catch Jessica's glance and rolls her eyes.

Fred is a badass Corpsec hotshot and has superspy perception, so he caught the silent emote.

Fred says, "The fuck, Brenda."

Theres been a few times where I thought it might be cool to silently emote.

I thought about maybe emoting something like: "If one is very perceptive, they might notice Brenda subtly roll her eyes at Jessica." But I dont know if the community would be accepting of that.

I'd play it as " .roll my eyes ever so subtly at Jessica." and let other players decide if their characters were perceptive or interested enough to notice.

I'm definitely guilty of playing like an IC information sponge in crowded bars, so when I'm presented the opportunity to be willfully ignorant, I go for it.

Oh also when you want to pose/emote something under the rader, check who you're addressing.