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Editable ghost paragraphs in coded items
making Customization of coded items possible

Currently, coded items such as hoodies, swords, phones, and vehicles have no player driven ability to have their appearance customized. While this certainly isn't a problem, it would be nice if each coded item were created with a 'ghost' paragraph into which a customization could be added. This customization could be a sick engraving on a pistol, or a graphic added to the side of a van.

Tangibly, this would provide RPed jobs for players with suitable IC skills, as well as opportunities for players to seek out and reclaim their stolen property via RP.

ive seen stickers put on hoodies
You can engrave weapons

You can put stickers on cars and items

Engraving weapons is a thing, although it would be cool if it was a bit more noticeable.
Interesting, I have not seen any! Though stickers are easily removable right? I was looking at something a bit more permanent, along the lines of 'tattoos'. A custom dyed hoodie for example with a three wolf moon motiff, etc.
They're not easily removable no

thanks for the info, I'll go research stickers.

Okay, after Xhelping on this, stickers/engraving does not cover the scope of what I am asking for! (Sorry if I'm not being clear, trying not to cross the IC/OOC boundaries).
part of the reason that we don't allow customization of some of the generic clothing like Nexus and other things like that is a bloat issue a child item of a parent item medicine generic takes up much less space than a custom tailored clothing item and we want to limit how big the game gets while still allowing people to have custom clothing. if people are interested in things like patches and stickers that can be applied to clothing in a permanent or semi-permanent fashion I think that's totally something we could discuss. although it's important to note that these would be in addition to the existing messages that a piece of clothing has not something that replaces them.

This would be most desireable for things like vehicles and weapons, in addition to clothing. Allowing the customization for those types of items.

From what I remember, stickers can be applied to cars and weapons already. I remember a mention of that somewhere.

I also suggested permanent paintjobs for weaponry like 2 years ago.

I've seen stickers applied to armor before and it looked neat.

I xhelped about this, and what I am specifically referring to is not covered by stickers.

So ka. I've not messed with stickers a lot, so I don't know exactly what they cover, but seeing it on clothing/armor is always cool and I wish people used stickers more.