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Drug Expansion
Chemicals with less than helpful uses

“Party time?”

“You wouldn’t call it that, if you had any better idea what it does.”

“Burton said it’s a war crime.” “It is,” he said, “and good reason. It’s an aerosol. They’d have a single little bird go down the line, painted black, tonight, spray ’em all.”

“What’s it do?” “Stimulant, aphrodisiac, and, I have trouble pronouncing this, psychotomimetic.”

“What’s it mean?”

“It duplicates the condition of being totally serial-killer sadist bugfuck.”

“Fuck . . .”

“You wouldn’t want it on your conscience. Don’t want it on mine.”

-The Peripheral, William Gibson

With the ability present now to spike consumables with drugs and now, the addition of aerosol grenades, I'd like to suggest that there's a niche now for some new types of drugs. As they currently stand, almost all drugs give you a fairly hearty buff (with some tradeoffs) because they're meant to encourage use and be something your character can chemically enhance themselves with. You throw flash at drugs, they're an upside in return. In their current state, they work great, they're fun to use and they're a booming economy.

However, there isn't currently a -whole- lot you can do forcibly exposing people to drugs. Now's a great time to consider introducing some drugs that -aren't- such a good time, whether they're 'middle of the road' harder drugs that you might conceivably take recreationally, but not come out nearly so functional for taking them (though huge RP kudos if you do.) Or some straight nasty chemicals that aren't a far cry from chemical warfare.

Some ideas below-


-Daze: An inhalant, popular with Parkies. Puts the user into a heavy dissociative state. Trademark symptoms include a flat affect, glassy eyes and heavily delayed reaction times, but users report a warm, buzzy, prolonged high.

-Crash: Discount samurai candy, usually sold as an injectable. Users report greatly heightened physical performance and reaction times, but a mild disorientation, brutal hangover and heightened blood pressure that makes the user highly prone to excess bleeding, leaving all but the crazy, uninformed and the desperate favorable to its use.

-Mindfuck: Taken as a dissolvable tablet. Mindfuck's a powerful hallucinogen, but with unpredictable results. Users report an array of hallucinations characterized in 'good' and 'bad' trips. One high can be pleasant and leaves the user feeling splendor and a peace with the world, another can be a terrifying experience gripped by paranoia and nightmarish visions.

-Sugardust: A close cousin of marcy, almost identical in look and performance, but cut with agents that leave it cheaper to the market at the cost of drastically reducing the body's tolerance to the drug. Overdose by confusing the two is tragically common.


-Seraph-9: An aerosol, currently outlawed in most of the world and the suspected product of military RnD. Seraph-9 is a dangerous psychoactive agent. Those afflicted enter a state of severe paranoia and homicidal psychosis, marked by trademark foaming at the mouth and irritated, reddened eyes.

The following are tougher to implement as true drugs via the current code, I imagine, but would be interesting to utilize using the new grenades:

-BB-5: An aerosol agent commonly employed by corporate and law enforcement agencies across the globe as a means of crowd control. Causes pain, irritation and reduced vision upon exposure to the eyes as well as vomiting.

-Dremota: Aerosol, employed by Russian special forces. The agent acts as a powerful but short-lived tranquilitic, rendering persons exposed to it unconscious.

-Eisengriff: A paralytic agent produced for Prussian military and police usage. Disables most of the body's muscle groups for a short period, leaving those afflicted conscious but immobile.

-Mustard gas: Three centuries old, and seeing a resurgence through synthesis by inventive yet reckless home chemists. Causes progressive burns to exposed tissue, particularly in the eyes and respiratory passages, worsening with prolonged exposure.

Some of these will need to see some balancing, obviously, through rarity or countermeasures to keep them from being an outright wash upon use but I hope these are some theme-y cyberpunk examples of chemicals that might have underhanded, risky or outright weaponized uses.

Some of these effects would warrant new chems but some could be rolled into existing drugs as well.

For instance It'd be neat if taking too much vee or exy started a script that made you start attacking people. I think that'd be way cooler than the current OD script and it'd really make sense if you spiked someone's drink with a heavy dose of combat stims and they went bananas and started cracking heads on the dance floor. That'd leave the door open for more stuff for chem/forensics to investigate during and after the fact, too.


I've tried to inject (har har) some of this into the existing drugs on the market.

To me, someone taking 'combat' stimulants or like, popping a flashboost chasing the dragon would only be a thing in edge cases or someone with some serious demons.

I'd imagine they'd leave you in a state like getting adrenaline dumped would, jittery, with everything way too bright, a headache and feeling like your heart's going to explode in your chest. Things you'd 100% not care about in a life or death situation, but are really not pleasant when trying to get high, you know?

More drugs would be pretty aces, I'd just be concerned about any potential applications that aren't simply RP focused. We already have a bit of a meta going whereby eating a pharmacy for statistical benefits is a thing, as realistic as that might or might not be, I wouldn't want to further bloat expected sunk costs for getting into scraps with people.

I like this thread. Death is boring. Bring on the inhumane torture!
Don't have a specific example to call out here, but I'd say there's a bit of room for expanding the spectrum of pharma characters have access to, more for roleplaying purposes than any particular stat roll bonus that's missing.

At the moment (unless I'm forgetting something or mixing them up) there's two opioids, two LSD analogues, two cannabis analogues, one antidepressant, one amphetamine, and two combat stimulants. Having a more OTC painkiller would be nifty, along with a benzodiazepine or other hypnotic, along with something high test but not blackout level (call it Fenta-55). The former two could even just be regular shop stock since players will be more interested in producing high-value gameplay drugs rather than RP stuff.

One thing I felt was an interesting introduction but that never really took off because of niche use and high expense were Nu-POz patches.

I don't believe these are craftable (though I haven't actually checked, so apologies if I'm wrong), and while it's not obvious to me they'd necessarily be worth the opportunity cost of making versus other drugs that have similar properties, some additional variety might be interesting.

This might not be popular but I think there should be a new 'lab' that can produce patches and or vials of medicine. It's still niche but could lead to way more use for combat characters, expanding the arsenal they have.
That would make sense to me, especially as far as patches and deals with opportunity cost of them not being made anyway because they're less popular than standard drugs.

In many years I've actually seen more characters eat patches as a joke (twice) than use them in actual gameplay (once), despite being a whole lot of them. It would be fun to have another avenue for them to enter general use just to spice things up.

These all seem like great suggestions. Poisons and gasses, more types of drugs.

Let's also see some milder, over-the-counter drugs, too. Where's the ibuprofen? Where's the acetaminophen? Oxycodone? Tramadol? Offer extremely mild coded effects but more role-play incentive to take some after getting their ass beat so they can roleplay that they're actually high on painkillers and that's why they're okay sitting at the bar. Make the higher-end painkillers addictive as fuck. Let people shoot up Fent and Morphine even though those should only be reserved for the medical groups.

Get people on pills, hooked on extremely mild stat buffs that become both habit-forming in-game and codedly addictive. How are there so many types of cigars and cigarettes in game but absolutely NO vapes of any way, shape, or kind? This is the future, where are the e-cigarettes, filling the air with their fruit-flavored LIES?!

Patches became a much more important game mechanic when bleeding was changed to no longer be treatable by laymen with medpaks. Despite this, in my observation, people rarely want to pay the high cost to purchase them, maybe because of the limitations that medpaks did not have, maybe because of just the price.

A way for chemists to produce these patches would probably reduce the overall player-market price of them somewhat, which may lead to them being more common in use.

As for AdamBlue's post; there are painkiller drugs. Not ibuprofen, but endoprine, which is available to read about on the lore pages.

Much like modern smartphones and such, I don't think vapes will be introduced to the game because they are too modern, whereas Sindome is based off of a sort of 90s view of cyberpunk tech.

Endoprine exists. Everyone says 'oh, just use endoprine' when we're talking about painkillers. That's a really strong painkiller with multiple uses beyond just 'pain management'. Stop saying 'lmao just use endo' for each painkilling situation. You don't shoot up morphine for a stubbed toe. You don't pop an oxy when you have stiff joints. Creative some variance. Create some competition.
Well, more than half of your post was speaking on very intense painkillers such as oxycodone, morphine and fentanyl, the last of which is already in the game. So, I thought I'd mention the suitable alternative to those things.
Yeh. it's used for medical purposes, but it has no uh, 'recreational' stuff beyond just... Knocking you out.
I would love to see a variety of labs for each drug category with different factors.

The idea in general is to make labs that are both cheaper and easier to use at the expensive of drug quality level and drug quantity output at a minimum. Starter labs.

Ideally, also allow a chemist to choose to make candy at varying quality by using different grades of labs. I think the best chemist out there should have a lot of control over the resulting product and I think part of that can easily be implemented by using different labs setup for different results.

Big bonus if one could adjust most of the sliders to some degree by picking different labs. The sliders I see are:

1. Difficulty of not ruining the lab.

2. Grade of product produced.

3. Quantity of product produced.

Maybe I want to sacrifice quality and increase quantity. I buy a lab designed for that. Maybe I want to reduce the difficulty of not ruining the lab by also reducing the quality and quantity of the product I produce. I buy a lab for that (the starter lab I mentioned above).

Right now I see our current labs as the 'standard' that determines where the sliders all sit in balance. If I want to make one area better I need to make another worse. Or that's the idea I would keep in mind where I designing new labs with this concept in mind.