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Dissociative Gestalt Syndrome
Come on, get down with the SICkness

In regards to Slither's comments concerning SIC rips:

"These were too common. It's supposed to be dangerous, difficult, and expensive."

The idea here is similar to DCD. After enough rips, your brain slowly starts to have trouble comprehending what's SIC and what's internal dialogue, as the neural tissue is damaged over time. Each time you're ripped (with increasing chances from failures and crit failures), there's a cumulative chance to develop a neurological disorder that prevents you from discerning between SIC, internal dialogue, and your own speech centers.

The way this would manifest with overwritten attempts at speech the way that being drunk does. Someone trying to coordinate over the phone for a hit, suddenly shouting about ROBOT ONLY WANTS TOOTHBRUSH, Akalumpa gunna getcha, and other classics?

The remedy here would be time and expensive treatments, with severity increasing the more rips you have performed without medical assistance.

My main concern with an idea like this would be impeding RP, rather than attributing to it, and also people just repeating what they said before until it was understood.

However, I think having something similar would add flavor to rips, the maddening nature of SIC, and create some hilariously unfortunate incidents.


I think this is a really neat concept and with the new SIC rip implementations it would be kind of a rarity to get. Anything that involves degradation brain function due to implants intrigues me. The idea you could be talking and suddenly a garbled mess like a SIC encryption would come out that you're not even aware you said so everyone looks at you strangely would make for interesting roleplay.
Right. Someone going for the hat trick of DCD, PDS, and DGS wins a plaque or something.

Really though, this is my attempt at creating longterm issues for people "flippantly" getting rips. I know it's seen as a necessity, but other risk that made RP and kept the heat on people getting rips would be neat.

I like the idea but I feel we should wait for things to settle on SIC rips as they are, before changing it.
Oh man, can I code it so you get this if you don't leave your place for N number of days and you sic all the time too? :-D
SIC madness, I'm down lol
When I first read the title, I was like, 'oh man, is this going to be some sort of split personality disorder connected to your SIC aliases?'. It wasn't, but it still sounds cool. I approve of this idea, and also suggest maybe make things mildly confusing with your own name versus your alias. Who am I, Joe Baka or SIC alias BJ? Maybe using other aliases than usual would also confuse things. Just a thought.
This would be a step back from changes such as the automatic withdrawal script being removed in favour of players instead having what their reaction should be suggested to them. It also seems like an overreaction to a problem which only a very small and specific group of characters is able to perpetuate.

In my experience rips are situational and nobody wants to remain dark forever. Slither has already made them harder to get unless you have certain things available to you, which is all IC information so I won't go into that. I'd offer the counter suggestion that instead it needs to be even more difficult to get a new chip. Probably something decker involved where anything after your first chip needs to have grid magic worked on it, making the process longer and more expensive.

Actually, @Necronex666... that could probably work.

I mean, you get a whole new identity with a SIC rip, so if you had someone to PROGRAM it for you.. making the files that the WJF/corps/city from the start. Creating the foundation of your existance, basically giving you a new identity, would be really cool.

That the city has on you or knows you as* is what I meant to write. Typoed.
There's not nearly enough impact, financial, codedly or otherwise to getting SIC ripped constantly.

The previous round of changes don't seem to have hit the desired effect. I'm still seeing the same behaviors that were deemed problematic before the changes.

I'm not sure that some kind of SIC PDS is the solution here. To me, the problem lies in the relative ease of removing them (which has been addressed) and the relative ease of getting new ones (which has not been addressed.) I think that one way this could be mitigated would be if SIC chips just totally blanked out after being removed from a body. That way you can't just slap an old one in and go about your business and collect your paychecks and everything else.

Make it so that there needs to be a conversation between the people getting ripped and their NPC bosses about getting ripped after the fact. That way Staff will be 100% aware of who, what and when/why this is happening.

It's still just being used as a 'I do things and don't want any consequences' tool currently.

It's not like it would be permanent, it could be remedied and if Johnny's suggestion is to be taken into consideration, it would effect other people as well and would force them out of the apartment to seek treatment for their SIC-induced schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, that isn't how they work. I don't want to dive into IC information, but you're a little off about that.

It'd turn into another thing people hate having just like PDS, Stiza. Nobody likes having their character scream random things and act totally irrationally without them having any say in what said insanity is going to be. It's preferable when there's allowed to be nuance, because different characters react to things in different ways.

Again, this is why withdrawing from endo no longer just forces you to slap every other person as you walk down the street.

If my character needs to get a SIC rip because I have important (Read: potentially high-stakes) RP, then the idea of my character spazzing out afterwards and acting like some kind of brain damaged hooligan is only going to make it patently obvious who just did XYZ high-profile crime.

*That discourages people from taking big risks.

*That is going to further incentivize people 'laying low' after jobs- which, while perfectly sensible, leads to extremely boring and frustrating RP if you're the one trying to react to said things.

*Isn't going to make for good RP in general.

'Weoooweooo, I'm suuuuuper crazy!' RP isn't great RP to begin with. People already try and explain away PDS "Sorry I cut your face off last week, it was PDS, l e l." Won't this just be more of the same?

I'm all game for things causing people to dissociate. In my mind, I don't see people randomly screaming things. I see you growing claustrophobic from all the "voices", random thoughts of SIC quotes, and occasionally you say things differently than you intended to and notice it. Perhaps even a slight stat debuff. PDS is quite in your face about it's scripts and I would much prefer this to be scaled wayyy back.
Nobody is talking about you screaming or acting like a Reddit kid because you got a rip
The way this would manifest with overwritten attempts at speech the way that being drunk does. Someone trying to coordinate over the phone for a hit, suddenly shouting about ROBOT ONLY WANTS TOOTHBRUSH, Akalumpa gunna getcha, and other classics?
Not all of the SIC lines are random screeching and we don't have to potentially have the idea implemented exactly how the OP wants it. That's why there are threads about ideas to refine and give feedback.
We'd keep a log of public sics over the last few hours and pick one at random. Not sure if its more amusing that the speaker sees it or doesn't.
I don't like anything that railroads thoughts or actions on a character without a very good reason. There is definitely an argument to be made about repeated SIC rips having a negative effect on your character (I'll admit I am ignorant of if there is some kind of abuse taking place with this system atm), but simply "SICCing in your apartment too much" is not a valid reason in my mind.

I think this was a joke anyway (I hope) but I don't want or need a $cript being my nanny.

Y'all motherbaka's need Anor.

I like this idea but in terms of $cripting best practices it is always better to tell than force. I think this idea would be better focused on capturing who the $victim sics the most and maybe an overall tone depending on the words these aliases used last. So, we break down speech patterns into mixer, corpo, etc.

Then you start randomly feeding the $victim phantom sics. Sometimes direct. Sometimes public. This would effect people with SIC chips and those still without from getting ripped. A sort of phantom limb syndrome. The goal being to provoke a response from the $victim that would make no sense to any viewer and in turn make the $victim paranoid about the sics they hear/send/receive.

It's all in your head, chummer.

Thought bubbles that show you repeated adverts like Mad Eddie's would be a hilarious side-effect.
I like the idea Reefer has, phantom stuff that would trick player/character into giving their own reaction and people going 'what the fuck are you on about??'.

I really like this idea, as well as the too many days inside your apartment gives you SIC madness. Though for the latter I think forcing people to have in-person conversations, even with NPCs could keep people from stepping outside for two minutes then going back into their apartment.

I'd suggest instead of the filler standbys something that causes physical speech, phone calls, thoughts, and SICs to randomly get interchanged (at a reasonable random interval). Saying "Yeah I killed him, so what?" into a phone could make you accidentally think it over pubSIC or you could get a random pubSIC message via the GM Thoughts system and think you're being guided towards some plot because of an idea 'you' had. You could say "cr Yeah the password is mashtastic." out loud. Or maybe the potential to accidentally ccom the wrong alias, change default keys, etc.


Cube Crawling Crazies? Please and thank you.

I like the idea of rips degrading, and I disagree that PDS and things like it are bad, they are supposed to give consequences for the advantages you get by having things like chrome. The reason to have stuff like this is to balance out the benefits, shit's not SUPPOSED to be enjoyable for the character but it is for the player base as a whole.

The idea of making constant rips have consequences beyond cost is super themely IMO, sure we'd need to rebalance a bit again, but that doesn't make the concept itself better or worse.

A while ago I created a thread around SIC Hacking located at the below link.

We discussed SIC being damaged in combat and requiring medical/biotech maneuvers (like a version of the Heimlich but for your chip). I think the occasional breakdown of this mass-produced by the cheapest bidder chip would be super themely and could be exacerbated by constant chip rips.

The more chrome you have - the more biotechnician upkeep you should need. If you treat your body like a toaster for sic chips, it should have an impact. My biggest concern is making it passive enough to trigger RP and economic boons and not result in people simply avoiding the negative consequences.

As for the Cube Crawling Crazies - I think 1/2 Guilt Trip 1/2 Madness script if you don't leave your cube for x hours is great but I think the playerbase will provide the same feedback as they did to sleep deprivation penalties.

I'm behind it affecting Cube Crawlers because it ties back into nudging people into RP.

There will of course be people attempting to avoid the consequences of DGS, but I think they'll hurt themselves more than they'll hurt the flow of conflict by not following the nudging away from getting SIC rips more than you change your clothes or never leaving your cube.

I like goblinfemme's idea of having people mixup how they are expressing their thoughts. I do that all the time. "Did I say that outloud?"
Giving misSICs lore.

>accidentally cm something you meant to say

>"I should probably get checked for DGS..."

If it's caused by long term damage to nerves, then wouldn't cloning out effectively 'reset' the odds of developing the disorder? Since cloning gives someone a brand new undamaged body built from DNA? Assuming SIC rips don't mess with DNA.
@Cacklackian: I think that while the potential nerve damage would be physical, you could argue that messing with something that's tied into your brain enough to capture/play back sub-vocalizations to you (or that's how I'm guessing it works) could cause damage to your psyche.

I don't know the exact lore behind PDS, but I've been assuming it's mostly a psychological issue caused by too much of your body being not your body.

Fair enough!
Bumping this from a conversation about diseases in xooc, still would love to see this.
I like how what's been discussed can be separated into tiers:

- Mild: Receiving imaginary pubSIC messages from active aliases as if they were real.

- Moderate: Receiving imaginary private SICs from active aliases as if they were real.

- Extreme: "Whoops, I said the quiet part out loud and the loud part out quiet" random swapping of CM and SAY/TO.

This minimizes the forced RP and instead relies on the player to RP out their hallucinations.

I totally agree that RP suggestions about what is happening, to the player, are infinitely preferable than forcing characters to do something, especially when it's something so potentially ruinous to them or harmful to other players.

It makes a lot of sense to me that SIC would not work as well with frequent rips, that messages might garble (using the language code), or that keys or private SICs might be more expensive, or things of that nature.

I strongly disagree that it would be fun to force a player to send dialogue to SIC or, even worse, invent dialogue from another character going to the DGS player without that second character's input. That would be an extremely dangerous precedent to set in my opinion.

The number one way I've seen people deal with unexpected severe PDS symptoms is go to their pads and log off. Anything that's going to make the game actively unfun to play will probably result in similar.

The language code is really great though and it'd be cool to see it get more use than it does. Progressive rips make a character ever less fluent in SIC?

JhnyWht <= I thought your were permed.

Shdwguy => Y hom a SIC bin from Hqo dna I topnk thaje bar spoders no me head.

JhnyWht <= wat

Concern for anyone with visual impairment. I can read that but I doubt everyone can.