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Deckers hacking signs
Go put a dick on the O's front door mate

I thought of this in another thread and it seemed like a fun idea. I'm not sure how easily customizable the neon blinking lights are, but how cool would it be if you could hire a decker to deface one? So like a team (solo, decker, lookout) would post up in front of a sign, and the decker would 'hack it' and through a skill check and time duration get an input line (maybe needs gm final approval?) to replace what was there.

Then a decker or tech person could be called in by the owner to reset it?

How are people hacking bent glass tubes filled with neon gas?
If LED signs where a thing everywhere, I guess you could re-program them to paint dicks everywhere and then we would have a whole dystopian future with dicks painted everywhere.

Honestly, I think we get our fair share of dicks and other juvenile humor (also immersion breaking AF sometimes) on public SIC, so I don't not look forward to this feature.

Nevertheless I agree 100% that most deckers must feel a bit useless and the archetype needs more things to do in order to interact more frequently with the others types of character.

Grid 3.0 might fix that, who knows?

I feel deckers could help maybe by aiding criminals to pay for their SIC bills, Modify existing SIC ads or hacking in new ones, changing your WJF records (lol never going to happen), shut down SIC in an area temporarily (with staff approval obviously) and all sorts of crazy stuff.

Let us pray to Anor for the Matrix.

Dicks? Pfft.

False paydata. Or true. Or manipulative misinformation. Or manipulative truths.