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Condition adjective change/removal
Too much info imo...

Had thought about this earlier and the other stat-check thread reminded me.

The current ability to 'ht' someone and get their condition has been bothering me as of late. Not so much internally, but externally, as having played for long enough I know within a certain margin which each adjective implies stat-wise. For me? I don't like having this sort of information. I try to maintain a certain level of cognitive dissonance that anyone could secretly be a badass, then I look at them or ht them, and suddenly I'm given way more insight into their stats than I'd like.

I'm suggesting a universal scale to condition, with the normal damage/fatigue modifiers setting in as it does now, but with a "flat" scale from something like "perfectly healthy" downward. That way I don't know the quiet unassuming artist is secretly a fucking brick.

This could also be replaced with other modifiers, based on PCP or Medical. Someone with high enough PCP could tell someone is burdened by their weight. Or someone with high enough Medical could tell they had certain diseases.

I think it'd be a far better (and less meta) alternative to the current system.

Yes but for the love of god please use forensics + perception.
100% agree with this. I think it's utter garbage when people metagame this, and especially so when they're wearing a disguise. 'Oh, this shrouded lump of cloth looks PHENOMINALLY HEALTHY- BETTER BUZZ OFF!' Mega eye-rolls.

Perfectly healthy - 95+%

Healthy - 90%

Banged up - 70+%

Beaten down - 50+%

Horribly injured - 30+%

Critically wounded - 10+%

Grasping at life 5+%

Also, while we're at it, can we please remove descriptions that people automatically tend to meta? Things like being bruised can't be seen under a poncho, and someone wincing in pain while hooded might just be your local lana junky.

Yes please. Someone's conditioning isn't like a universal metric of how UE spendy they are, but it's definitely a big tell that really shouldn't be so obvious to everyone who looks at them.

Joe Baka approaches you. "Hey mona, spare some change?" The innocuous beggar holds out a worn paper cup to you.

ht joe

Joe is in miraculous condition.

go e e e e e e e e e e e


It'd be a lot of checks per look, so maybe some kind of 'gauge' command?

PCP + INT + Forensics = Current burden level, whether they might be disguised or not, wounds they're trying to hide (stealing from Talon here, since maybe someone 'wincing' is actually hobbling along, hand on a wound, favoring one side)

PCP + INT + Medical = Possible diseases + wounds they're trying to hide as above


Using chemistry skills to spot whether someone was high or coming down might also be fun.

"Joebaka is flushed and doesn't seem all there. He must be climbing the lana tree."

This is probably pretty obvious for veterans, but maybe not so much for newer people in the role, or people who haven't used cyberware extensively.

A cyberdoc being able to I.D. PDS symptoms codedly would be pretty neat as well.

"You see Jobaka is clenching his jaw reflexively and has a steady tremor in both hands - textbook class 1 PDS symptoms."

That is also mega good. Not only is it good to know who has PDS for the obvious personal safety reasons, but it could be one more thing that could work as evidence against disguises. Naturally, disguise skill should passively resist all of this, and maybe even throw out false positives.

With the right set of skills, this could make someone's HT/Look description way too long, so maybe give player objects an evaluate command that stores everything but health.

I think this could be a cool change and I support perception/int/forensic checks to get that data. This has been one of those IC/OOC handwavy things that I've struggled to explain IC, especially if the player is puny or thin or whatever. What exactly am I keying into that gives away how spectacular they are? Equally odd if they are a fat PC.

One of the things about SD that is so fun is not knowing without the RP. Getting massively outclassed because you didn't do your research seems to add to this. I love that we can't just go "Oh shit, he's level 99, retreat" (mostly). I think this would add to the mystery and danger of the Dome.