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Combat Posture Refinement
You lean into the fray..

I would like it if you could dictate your starting posture with one of those interesting things Slither referenced such as:

* create cyberware that lets you change postures faster.

* allow weapon specialization to make switching postures faster.

* drugs allowing you to change posture faster

* MA specialization allowing you to change postures faster.

* Other things of that nature.

I also had an idea that maybe starting posture could be dictated by a combination of Weapon Type+Crowd Size/Environment Type+(Attacker or Defender) but I have serious reservations that this may be OP and game-breaking to our well-vetted combat system.

I like the idea of giving people control over their starting posture based on cyberware or some other thing.

What are other peoples thoughts on this?

Upon further consideration, I think this would need to have a limiting factor. I'm thinking something like... an aggression injection that makes you start in KAMIKAZE but like, you can't change from that posture. Or maybe it takes twice as long to be anything except kamikaze...
Maybe a dosing mechanic attached to it so you're not all rage, all the time ... just until the injection wears off?
Sounds like a job for Synaptic Stimulus II.

I personally also like things that aren't tied to nanos or gear, as unless you have a specific job or don't live in the Mix, it can be hard to hold onto that stuff. Weapon specialization letting you drop into a particular stance that suits that weapon type (guarded for MA, kamikaze for knives, defensive for guns) would be neat.

Think this is far more relevant with the recent (excellent) change to stat and skill names that allows for PCs to be better built, thus better able to face off against perceived 'oldbies'. With balance on the way it's probably safe to further refine how combat works.

Gonna agree with Vera and say that I'd prefer if the ability to set a default posture or change postures faster were not tied to any kind of gear outside the weapon you're specialized in though. Chrome caps out at a certain level and jamming even more stuff into characters is going to not be manageable at some point. Sure you could rip something out to get it, but in some cases characters would have to die for that to be possible.

For actual implementation I'd suggest making a PC have a certain XP investment

in specialization and allow them to set their own custom posture. Having it be based on weapon type may not work well because different people have different ideas of what's best.