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Clothes and drinks spilling
Please make it stop

Please no auto-freehands drink spilling and cigarette burning anymore. It's as simple as a failure message that says "you need your hands free to do that." Or even specific freehands messages: "Drinks don't go in your pockets, baka." "You may want to snuff that before putting it away, chum."


I think drink spilling and cigarette burning is hilarious when people don't just pretend it didn't happen.
My poor PC's burns are numerous...

I blame myself.

Imagine getting into a random bar brawl but 'fh' not working because of some messages preventing you from putting your stuff away.

It's funny the first time, not the 900th. Unlikely our characters would actually do this.

You could, perhaps, just drop the cigarette instead of burning yourself?
Or you know, automatically snuff it as part of putting it away.
Maybe make it an Intelligence based skill check? To not forget to snuff it basically?
@Qurion2 That at least would make sense. Let IC idiots look like idiots and save the smart characters from their OOC idiocy.
Who the fuck in RL would put a lit cigarette or glass of scotch in their pocket.

Don't answer that.

As someone who nearly cigarette burned his character unconscious one night, I think it's funny as hell. Leave it as it is.
Just make it chance-based. 95% of time FH with drink/cig in hand will drop it on the ground, 5% of the time it will burn/spill.
I like the int roll idea. šŸ˜†
I know everytime I leave the bar IRL Iā€™m covered in cigarette burns and alcohol because I gotta answer my phone.
I've burned myself with cigarettes and spilled booze on myself in real life. You are the one controlling your character and forcing it to do an action. There are already ways to prevent this using existing commands:

'sheath '

Just use that instead of freehands, which does exactly what it says and only fails when you are holding something you simply cannot put away (IE giant gun).

I like that it burns you or spills your drink. It teaches mindfullness of your character and their current in character situation.

I just began to become more self aware of what my character is wearing. If I want to free hands first put the drink on the bar. Drop your cigarette. It's not hard.
I think it was the remove clothing changes that caused the frequency of this to get silly. You have to retrain yourself to think in terms of the game, not reality. In reality, kicking off your shoes wouldn't necessarily taking any hands at all, depending on the shoes. Taking off your hat would only require one. In the game: spill your coffee. Maybe you should find some kind of container to put that in.
Just stop using freehands for everything...
Is there any functional difference between sheath and stash?
One other thought. Once you have spilled a drink on yourself or put a lit cigarette in your pocket, Your clothes should smell like alcohol or a hole should be burnt in your pocket. If we are being real that is. I have smelled myself after spilling a drink and no change at all.
But the 'mindfulness' being checked is the player's not the character's. This 'mechanic' is so baka silly. I'm not gonna sit and argue about it because it's trivial but it's BAKA SILLY. It serves no purpose but to be annoying for no cause.
Personally, i'd rather 'dropping' be the default option. Unless you choose to stash/sheathe something intentionally, if your hands are full it should default to the quickest way to actually do it. This is also consistent with many tabletop RPGs, where dropping something is a free/bonus/object interaction action, whereas putting something away actually impacts your action economy significantly.

This would create a situation where if you try to draw a gun to defend yourself when you're sitting at a bar with a cigarette and a whiskey, your character wouldn't spend the time to try and put a cigarette in their pocket, they'll just drop it to draw their gun.

*recodes it so stashing a drink and a lit smoke catches you on fire*
I stash my scotch

I stash my smoke

My smoke falls in the scotch

Oh shite, now I'm on fire

The fact that you burn yourself when taking off a button-up coat is bizarre. Don't people in Withmore know how to hold a smoke between their lips?
+1. Have the character set their beverage down in the room if you have to, but I can't stress enough how universally loathed drink spilling is.

It's unrealistic that everyone is this clumsy. It doesn't lead to better, more interesting RP.

I have never interacted with anyone who likes it!

Literally the most strange and annoying and useless coded thing ever, I just don't understand why it exists. At this point approximately half the playerbase feel obligated into some quick pose a la 'oh no i spilled again that sucks ha ha' and the other half just ignore that it happens because it's so silly.
I actually like the cigarettes and booze spilling. I think it's fun to watch newer players come to terms with it and also older players mess it up and make those "I can't believe I did that" faces.

If it had a huge debuff or something (beyond a small burn) I can see how it would be an issue but as it stands, to me, it's just a fun quirk.

Being able to free your hands for combat is infinitely more important than STOPPING you from doing so with an error message preventing your vain asses from looking stupid. Come on.

Good point Johnny. Imagine sitting at the bar, getting attacked and YOU CAN'T GET OUT YOUR WEAPON because you have to "put out your cigarette and down your drink" first.
I think the complaint is more that freehands spills drinks on the character holding them, rather than some other outcome, like dropping them for example.

'you set your cheap whiskey on the floor'

yeah it'd be fancy if it'd prioritize a bar if you're in a room with one, a table if you're in a room with one, etc., but the above would be the simplest fix and i think 99% of people would be happy and the combat thing would be a non-issue.

I personally love this annoying little part of the game. I always RP the burn or the spill and it often makes for a good chuckle. I say keep it as is.
Now we need to decide which items go into your inventory and which items go onto some random object in the room when you type 'free hands'? Or do you want to put everything down for the other party to pick it up? How about people just deal with their mistakes?

This generation of gamers is fucking weak sauce, y'all.

remove drinks
Probably the simplest way to handle a drink-type item is to put it down on the floor under the exact same condition where it spilled. If you want to get more complex, check whether you're sitting at something, and whether that thing has a surface, and if so set it there. That would work for bar, corner table, whatever.

Sure, another party could snag it while you put it aside to mess around with your items or whatever. But that's completely realistic and I think even this generation can deal with it.

Sure, people can just deal with it, but like....the idea you can be a world-class street sam with insane agility / perception, or a hotshit brilliant cyberdoc or decker with INT out your noseholes but somehow every time you're holding a drink and you go to put your phone away you spill all over yourself like a baka feels really silly.

'so you really want it to check for....'

I mean, sure? That'd be really nice code to have around and players would probably appreciate it? But also just the simpler solution of dropping it on the floor would be nice enough I think.

I think it's weird we have 'fh' and have people obviously developing the habit / muscle memory of using it except they shouldn't in this very unique case for completely pointless reasons. Spilling on yourself doesn't, anything. If you want to RP it for 2 seconds yay, if you completely ignore it so does everyone else.

we have 'fh' and have people obviously developing the habit / muscle memory of using it except they shouldn't in this very unique case

This is far from the only time NOT TO USE freehands.

This is a gameplay fact of life. Just because you developed this muscle memory doesn't mean anyone else in particular has. Stash this, lower that, sheath this, unwield that. I use stash, personally.

I'm not saying you or anyone in particular are the only ones so committed to freehands that you can't imagine re-training or ever having learned different in the first place, but:

If you train yourself to stash the things you mean to stash, then spilling a drink when you holy drek for Anor's sake really really need to fh with no more than two keystrokes won't seem so bad.

I dislike it purely because it creates this weird IC/OOC crossover that nobody actually wants to play it because it happens every night. And because it happens so frequently, nobody actually roleplays interesting situations where it would happen and actually have consequences.

Make it have a chance to splatter other people in the room. Have it make you smell of alcohol and debuff your charisma. Then we might get some interesting scenarios out of it.

It's an in-joke that nobody finds funny anymore. A character spilling their drink because they're clumsy/drunk/dumb is fine and RP would come of it. A character spilling a drink because you OOC forgot something is awkward and everyone knows it and moves on. It's an OOC joke, at this point. Except it's IC, for some reason.

Just for the record, I think it's funny, and I know other players who think it's funny.

There are lots of OOC mistakes with IC consequences: leaving your apartment door open, forgetting to shut off your car, leaving your hook on a roof...the list goes on. These are habits the player develops for their character. Even if your character is a super-genius ninja they can make these mistakes. Same goes with this.

Add my name to the list of players who are amused by spilled drinks.

I will one up all of you on this subject.

There is something even MORE amusing that spilled drinks.

STASHED drinks.

That's right.

Nothing makes people around you scratch their heads in a WTF moment than when you pull a drink out of your inventory. Are you about to do something amazing?

hold pint

give pint to JoeBaka

to joe "Challenge accepted. Hold my beer."

Personally I like the RP that comes from a spilled drink. It also adds to your spatial awareness.

I do hate that it spills onto the character and not the floor, since the floor can lead to more RP, but thems the breaks.