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Clone sterilization?

Due to the earlier discussion on xgame, an idea hit me... why is that Sindome doesn't control the population via clone sterilization? Basically, your original self can get pregnant, sure but if your character dies, you get out of the vat, and whoom, you can't reproduce anymore.

The logical reason is to keep the population from spiraling out of control, millions after millions of people in a city and rapidly reproducing, resulting into their grandmammies, grandpappies, children, etc being cloned, the population would accelerate grow out of control.... then city stops being able to support all of them.

Another reason, an OOC one. Staff won't have to deal with carrying out forced abortion RP when they have better things to do.

*accelerate out of control. We really need a edit button.
I think I wouldn't like this.

It's 5 am so I won't ellaborate.

What Kuzco said. This would limit RP and make it less viable for female PCs to use their babies as projectile fodder, which would decrease the deepness of the MOO's combat system or whatever stupid shit people say.
Just make it optional. If people want deeper RP they can, if they don't then they can as well. Simple I'd say.
My take on the matter:

Why bother? You can keep all the dirty, mindless mixers who bread like rabbits largely locked away in a separate part of the Dome. Plus, humans are great cheap labor - far cheaper than robots. You can grab them up, use them until they are broken and die, then ship their ashes out as fertilizer for a remote grow-farm.

One of the big themes of CP, in my opinion, is that life is cheap. Aside from the select few, people are like grains of rice meant to be used up. Few people respect 'the value of the human soul' and humanitarian rights are just formalities. Overcrowded, urban environments are a must. And the idea of finding a humane solution over a profitable one is laughable - no matter how callous.

And there is the economy. the uber rich need a mass of disposables to stand on. People to produce and buy and sell. The Sindome world does have the tech to create a bunch of utopian, low population communities but there is a key CP element that prevents that - GREED. The powerful need people to exploit and they don't care how their greed impacts anyone else. Those utopia's are where the uber rich live and are made possible by the masses.

And yes, CP can be done in many ways. Blade Runner is CP and low population and still CP. But that is not the style of CP that Sindome has embraced. If you ask me, Sindome, at it's core, is more like Judge Dread in it's flavor. You can see this on many levels.

Additionally, I don't think that staff has had to perform many abortions. In general, most players understand that Sindome is not a place where staff will invest time in your desire to play house. Most players, when they hear this and know that they will never be permitted to birth a child, accept it and don't try and push staff into having to abort a pregnancy.

*And use of the term you or your is meant in a general sense and is not directed at a specific person. I am just too lazy to go back and adjust the language now that I realized how it sounds like I am lecturing a specific person. :-P

This isn't something you can code and people (for the most part) already policy themselves with not roleplaying pregnancies after the staff made several announcements.
And if you do go down that road, don't be surprised when it ends horribly.
While I think this makes sense to a degree, there is a false premise to this argument.

Clones are for the rich, not for the poor. The average mixer does not have a clone and will never be able to afford one. Clones are relatively cheap for one reason only, game balance for you players.

Your characters are all outliers. They are not the everyday folks that inhabit the game.

Huh! I didn't know that, damn. I learnt something new.
Think about it like this:

Can normal people dodge bullets? Can normal people hack phones? Do normal people successfully flee from a group of armed police who can track their every movement if they aren't careful?

There are a million other 'can normal/do normal' type things you could say about folks in the real world or the Sindome world.

What it comes down to is that each and every character in the game is something of an outlier. An exception to some rule. They stand out in some way from the rest of the 65+ million people in the city.

That's why they all end up with clones and jobs in a world where like, everyone wants a clone and a job but can't have it.

It's one of those things. Don't scratch the walls too hard on it. Sometimes you have to ignore the fact that ICly a clone should cost 100k because the game and the players would be very risk adverse if that were the case. And that isn't what we want.

Mebbe clones should be less affordable. Not unobtainable by any means, just less affordable. Or perhaps there could be different grades of clones (quality) available, based on price. Low-Mid-High grade clones.

I dunno, just an idea.

There's already a mechanic to make cloning less affordable. It's called DCD and it's terrifying.
We want clones to be cheap so people aren't too risk adverse. It's one of those things. In reality a clone would probably cost 75-100k. That's just not feasible. The barrier to entry for new players would be too high and dying with a bunch of warez already costs a fair chunk of change even if you don't factor in clones.

Plus, in reality, there are much easier ways to control population growth and fertility. All the food and water is provided by the city-- right? I mean, minus the rat kabobs.

> Another reason, an OOC one. Staff won't have to deal with carrying out forced abortion RP when they have better things to do.

I'm sorry, what? Is this really something the staff have to do?

Unfortunately some players cannot live without experiencing the loss of Cerberus killing their unborn fetuses.

We need to start up a fund to provide therapy for this game's poor staff team
Or a VR tomodachi game that remotely raises your child after birth for 12+ in-game years...don't forget to clean up it's poop. If you die and don't complete it's monthly payment it is terminated accordingly.