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Chyen Dead Drops
Hide # behind object

Renting out cubes to handle dead drops is the meta but what about for the risk taker who likes to hide things in plain sight?

I propose the ability to hide chyen behind objects like you can currently with dead drops.

Although, as an alternative, a 'burner' credit chip that has no account holder and can be vended from banks and ATMs would serve a similar purpose.

I like this idea, and I think considerably more people need to be aware that you can hide objects behind things. I was astounded by some of the people who believed you simply could not do this.

Best way to fix that is to handle dead drops that way tbh.

On a sidenote, assigning a logo to your burner cred chip to maintain a brand would be very clean.

Burner chips like a pre-paid card? That would be very Mr. Johnson.

Another not quite as cyberpunk alternative would be cash envelopes as a disposable alternative to wallets, although I know we're not crazy about containers. Giving respect payments and gifts and other symbolic monetary gestures is a bit awkward with just handing someone an armful of money (even if you can pose something more elegant along with the pay to command).

Would love this or even just more people utilizing all the fun things stuff can be hidden behind more often. Its such a fun mechanic.
"Gift Card" like cred chips sounds excellent to me.
Cred chips to dead drop chyen would be great. That or being able to hide some bills somehow. I consider this a limitation to current espionage / tradecraft.
I'm going to be a shithead here and say that I LOVE the idea of burner cred chips slash debit cards.
This would also make it a lot easier on people who need to pay a lot of people a little money, which can be a chore.

Cred chips are awesome, but also just a 'band 1000' command that puts a rubberband around 1000 chyen worth of bills to be treated as an object would be great for hiding it places as well.

Imho, wallets are cheap and easily accessible in the game.
Disposable cred chips can now be purchased at the bank. See March '23 Updates thread for more info.
Awesome on the cred chip update! Thanks! Also, I've been around for five years or so, and this is the first I've heard of hiding things behind things. I saw an NPC do this once within the last month, and I assumed it was a staff created item, not one that was pre-existing in the room. Time to play with a new (to me) fun feature.