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Contain diseased corpses and protect privacy

WCS Sanitation is tasked with handling corpses not only in the mix, but Topside, as well as disposing of diseased corpses. We should bring in bodybags to contain these corpses!

Why drag a mangled body all over Gold when you can package it neatly and respectfully in a bag? Ebola outbreak? Pack up those corpses to transport them safer, mix or topside!

Also, paydata! Wanna know who's in the bag, Sell that info to the highest bidders! Very CP, and also very respectful to the dead with the new corpse updates.

As much as I enjoy the cyberpunkness of desensitized corpies turning a blind eye en masse to WCS dragging corpses through Gold because it's an everyday thing, disease containment is a very good point. Also there are...opportunities here.
I don't see a need. It's difficult to hide bodies by design, and ninety percent of the time they just get stacked somewhere and handled without further interaction. This feels like fluff.
After a lot of debating about it in the Corpse Update thread that staff made, I think this is definitely something that would be good to have.

For paydata, discretion, safety hazards, respect, yada yada yada. Yes puh-lease.

I think it adds an unnecessary hurdle to body disposal. As I’ve said a few times, I think a way to strip a corpse of its @nakeds with a chemical/item or even lighting it on fire as Vera suggested is would be solid.
Isn't that how WCS dispose of them to begin with? Incineration. Make these bodybags one time use. Like the clothes you get when you clone out. They tear apart when you remove them or whatnot.
Body bags are just an unnecessary additional step in the corpse disposal process.
I still liked the idea of disease containment, but I think I am not versed enough in how the code works for spreading disease. If it is how i am thinking, I can see how these won't be very useful.
WCS already has a coded way of handling diseased corpses, though the Incinerator access in those cases could use some quality-of-life improvements.
Can we have body bags to put the living in?

Don't ask. Just do.