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Behavior Mod Chips
They could do more!

The current behavior mod chip makes you unable to do a few very specific actions. It's clearly intended for Mix-type characters who are too violent or out of control to let roam free.

You could also introduce some that could be stuck on corpies as a way to allow those corpies to get nailed for committing crimes without necessarily having to lose their jobs. Part of the difficulty in playing a corporate character is that you spend a lot of time building long term RP in a specific direction that goes out the window if you get fired. This would add an option for WJF or execs to 'salvage' an employee while making it clear to the public that Justice has been done.

These wouldn't be coded beyond the implant itself as a piece of cyberware, but it'd absolutely be expected that players who didn't play along would get in trouble.

Off the top of my head I can think of implants to prevent people from telling lies (though they could choose to remain silent or weasel their way out of questions that were not carefully asked) and implants to enforce absolute loyalty to whatever Corporation sponsored the subject's citizenship. Bonus points if these implants are visible at a glance, like a little metal doodad stuck to someone's temple.

While players could just BS their way out of these restrictions, I assume that staff is pretty careful about who they do certain things to. Anyway I think it would be funny.

I always thought some "model citizen" types must surely be in Sindome. Chipped, perfect, well-behaved, never questioning their company. It's easier to stay in the lines if you don't have a conflicted mind about the ethics of what your boss tells you to do.

Erase the uncertainty! Chip up and enjoy a blissful existence!

Even when controls are put in place to 'limit' the actions a character can take, we try not to remove agency completely. The behavior mod chip doesn't stop you from paying someone else to do your dirty work, or from antagonizing someone into attacking you so you can violently defend yourself.

We have extreme stuff like 'cryo rehab' but that is extreme. Model citizen stuff sounds A. kinda dull (unless Gms are supplying you with a constant stream of things to do that are contradictory to how your character wants to be) and B. severely lacking in agency

This kinda thing is OK in some situations but isn't something we can codify.

I was suggesting it as a thing that would challenge people and keep up appearances, not as a way to actually stop PCs from misbehaving.
I feel like this would be sort of thing a character would have to volunteer for in order to delay that mortifying corporate pink slip.

It would be amusing to see all the thought bubbles from a character implanted with a chip forcing them to always act in whatever corps' best interest.

I think it would really neat if behavior chips had key phrases that forced actions/scripts in PC's. These phrases could be used by -anyone- along with being triggered via SIC and be kept under lock & key by the WJF. A great opportunity for a little corruption or decking (ala grid 3.0) to reward someone with a criminal puppet.