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BB, Paint Ball and Airsoft Weapons
Training weapons for Guns

This is a rather simple idea, but why not have a set of training weapons for each of the guns skills, akin to the Spar-Tek weapons for the melee skills.

Shouldn't take too much effort, and for the purposes of simplicity, they could handwave their ammo.

It would also allow a decent entry point for each of the gun types to train and spar, and get to know their weaponry skills in a better fashion than just randomly shooting people in the streets. Or finding someone willing to get shot.


There's nothing Cyberpunk about BBguns.

This please. If not a BB gun then some CP training version of it or non-lethal ammo options for existing firearms.

Every weapon besides firearms type weapons has a training variant which puts weapon users in that class at a disadvantage when it comes to learning game mechanics.

I know some players are happy to do "live fire training" with their weapons but it seems borderline immersion breaking for players to be casually shrugging off getting shot as casually as they do.

SHFL is not an accurate representation of combat either for those touting it as a training solution.

What Mong said! What about less lethal ammo, or some type of "stun gun"?
My suggestion was rubberized bullets. More on the impact side, less damage, a lot less armor penetration, more fatigue damage, less accidental kills with mercy mode.

Riot suppression very much is cyberpunk.

Also, "less-than-lethal" is the term to use. Non-lethal is avoided to not undermine the lethality of firearms, specifically to avoid giving people the idea that live-fire with less-than-lethal is "safe".

+1 on rubber bullets.
Stun guns or rubber bullets would be extremely OP. Probably more powerful than regular bullets.

All I have to offer to this.

Rubber/beanbag rounds in various calibers would be pretty neat.
If they were very low-damage for training/warning purposes I should clarify. Not to give firearms users grappling in a magazine.

Firearms and bladed weapons have lethal 'downsides' for fairly good reasons.

I don't want to get into the weeds here with IC details, but I support what HolyChrome is saying. Less-than-lethal options for heaters would not be a good thing.

As for training, there's dummies, there's VR, there's NPC's, there's a shooting gallery, there's other players acting consensually, and there's shooting random people for funsies.

Remember folks, heaters are illegal, you're a criminal for owning them in say, at least 70% of instances, so go do some crime with your bad self.

I'd also mention that some kinds of heaters reeeeeeally aren't that dangerous. Just saying.

How is this not 100% what SHFL is for?

I get that point that SHFL is extremely dumbed down to the point of my skillcheck versus your skillcheck, and doesn't take into account the massive number of other variables that real combat entails.

But that's why veterans are better than newbies, and there's a IC and OOC learning curve to becoming joebadass. Most combat characters will treat you with some level of respect/parity if you're also trying to get into 'the biz.' Don't just assume you mess up once and get permed. Even if you might get ICly -told- that's the case, actions and threats are wildly different things.

Alternatively I'd love it if Riot Gear was more useful for combat training than it is currently.

Or if CorpSec characters had access to a realism mode.

See also; Seburo 😜
Paintball guns would be interesting for reasons other than training. WJF could use it for riot control, marking rioters with paint. Or, people could use it to deface things usually out of reach.