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Assist [helpfile] to [person]

When used this command will suggest the person you read the named helpfile. The name can be ooc name or sic alias, and would be very handy way to bring someone's attention to something in ooc way, without having to be in the same room.
I don't think this is necessary as a command. Just xgame it or if you think they definitely HAVE to read it, xhelp it and the GMs will take care of it. Otherwise it's very prone to abuse and I wouldn't leave a global command like that in the hands of players.
Is there really so little faith in playerbasr that hinting a helpfile is expected to be exploited? I hope not.

As for involving GM's, that is pretty intimidating move, where just assisting help farming will do.

Well, it's open for abuse in terms of spam/metaing.

You might think this would be anonymous, but it really wouldn't be. And people subconciously are just bound to do it.

I think it's just better to local ooc it, or if they're somewhere else, like you see smallworlding on SIC? XGAME about it.

If it keeps going on, XHELP about it and the GMs will talk with the player. It's not intimidating, they're here to enforce the Rules after all.

What if I don’t seek your advice? Some people might take it the wrong way, and some people might do it as a joke to piss off or troll someone else. Don’t see it being anymore useful then what you can do now honestly.
Fuck xhelping because someone needs to read some help file for a rules/policy update is a damn sight better than some of the bitching I've done to Xhelp.

Examples summarized that I've had xhelp conversations about.





While I can appreciate this idea on paper, it has way too much potential for misuse and harm. Primarily, as others have pointed out, is for trolling. I can see someone going about their normal RP and someone throwing a helpfile as an insult to criticize what they're doing. Or maybe someone makes an error using pose or a spoof, and someone throwing a helpfile around for that. Way too much potential for OOC snark, especially for people who don't utilize OOC very much to begin with in order to avoid it.

Snark is fine with me, honestly, but it has no place in the IC world if it's not IC. And throwing around helpfiles isn't IC. The only benefit I can see here is if someone is having trouble finding a helpfile. In that case, they're going to be asking OOCly anyway about it, and why not just answer them?

I'm aghast by the just... expectations of abuse?

How is that used on few other RP games I play is very simple - nice OOC gentle reminders about something specific, without having to enter into detailing-for-everyone OOC chat. One that also works for people who are not in the same room, like asking for something on the newbie, or over sic. And I saw it work wonders, as you tie in IC answer why something can't be done, and then toss a helpfile for review that explains why not.

+1 to the abuse comments.

If someone is way off base, use xhelp to notify the admins. Or if you feel like you have a good relationship with them, briefly OOC a mention to the help file.

As players it is not our job to police other players. Though I understand the urge to do it is strong.

Earlier today I saw a character with a Description that tells me how I feel about their character. That squicks me, and I thought about OOCing at them how descs like that aren't allowed. Then I took a deep breath and moved on with my life.

Yeah, as much as I trust the majority of the community what happens when someone who isn't an active member of our community decides to use it to troll, or what happens when someone gets pissed off and starts spamming it to bother others. Do I think it will happen often? No. Do I think it's possible someone uses this to troll others? Yeah, definitely.

That doesn't mean the idea doesn't have merit if it's behind some gates that prevent abuse. Some things I can think of:

1. Make it an @option that you can toggle off and mention this option every time we show a suggested help file

2. Gate this behind a specific amount of time in game or a specific amount of game help karma (not super ideal because not everyone is always on Game Help, and time in game doesn't -really- make someone an expert, or mean they aren't, when it comes to vacation characters)

3. Make it GM only (this would still be a useful command-- we could xhelp, but this might be more gentle)

4. Only grant it to specific people that we see as mature enough or helpful enough to know when to use this contextually.

Other ideas?

I like it being behind people with higher karma or GMs.

It's FAR better than someone having to awkwardly say 'Hey.. As a note read help [THING] for anything on [THING HARD TO EXPLAIN IC].' in hopes that the person in question is on xgame. Or the dreaded heart attack that is xhelp yellow text, for an admin to just softly go 'Check this file out to prevent further IC confusion. Thank you.'

Maybe even including if it's from a specific person so the receiving player can @good-awnser them? For the bad case of someone abusing it, a GM can tell them to knock it off or lose the ability to do it at all.

Specifically selecting it for players or putting a gate of karma on it makes sense.
I think just having it behind high karma + gms only would be sufficient to prevent abuse. Collecting karma takes time, and shows that someone is reasonably responsible with the newbie channel.
I personally like having the option of not seeing these. If someone is chatting in local OOC and I don't like it, I can leave. If people are being too noise on xgame or xooc, I can leave. I want a way to make it so I don't have to see these messages unless I want to - after all, it doesn't sound like I can just leave.
I'm a big fan of the toggle and the GM/trusted player's options. I would still want the ability to toggle this off. When I'm in an intense scene, I remove as much OOC as I possibly can so I'm fully immersed. I find OOC anything really breaks my flow (though my ADD probably has a lot to do with this but it's what I do the manage it).

Otherwise, I'd be in support of this with these options.

GMs should have it, for sure, and individually chosen players. Perhaps one can ask through a service request to be granted it, and provide their reasons why they feel they should be trusted with it
I like @options + karma/GM. Maybe GM assists can't be @optioned away?
+1 to exactly what @ynk said