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Arm Wrestling
Sleazy Test of Strength

I was thinking, what if there were arm wrestling tables in a few places? The Sly came to mind as a likely spot for one, and maybe Grunen's for topside (or maybe topsiders miss out).

Mechanically, it would work by checking the participants strength and endurance, maybe in a few 'stages', with repeated good rolls required for victory. It might be a non-violent way to settle who's bigger and tougher--or an invitation to the kind of shit-talking that starts a blood feud.

You know, I kinda wanted to question the relevancy, and what-nut. Weither Arm Wrestling would be a thing I would want to see, or do. But the further I stewed on the idea, the more I thought: Hey, the more ways one can compare, contrast, and compete on the size of one's supreme burrito, the better...

Supported +1

A way to compete in pure stats 1-on-1 would be nice, beyond just strength.
I really like the idea of arm wrestling and some sort of stat on stat vid-game or something.
I like Kuzco's idea- where one might be able to compare stats with each other. This helps to support competitions RPed out.
+1 on these ideas. At the moment, you can theoretically guess in a few instances who might be stronger, faster, tougher, etc, but it's just guesses. It would be nice to be able to challenge someone to step up or shut up.
I mean, there is currently a system in place to test these things - beat the shit out of each other. But yes, I suppose a non-violent way to compare would be useful to Corpie bouncers and other 'civilized' tough guys.
I was thinking about this earlier, on the terms of "Why the fuck can't I challenge my ace to an arm wrestle in this bar, then glass the fucking baka with my pint when he 'cheats' and I lose?" Honestly something I'd love to see rolled out, not just in bars but anywhere with a set bar/table item. Maybe code it into them with the syntax of armwrestle at
I'd like to see Arm wrestling implemented as a form of non-violent combat that doesn't necessarily rely on pure strength. Sure, strength would be a prime stat, but it should also look at your technique, and endurance as well, including stances even (Trying to push someone over is more taxing than just maintaining after all!)
I dislike this because it's a way for people to compare @stats in a safe environment and that's not in the spirit of things around here.
+1 I think this is a great idea. As far as comparing stats is concerned. People play pool, and chess, and spar and and and...
Neither pool nor especially chess are contrastive mechanisms. There's no weighing of stats against one another in either case.
I tend to agree with Vera -- any mechanism that can passively and safely be used to refine a measurement of relative and absolute combat (or combat-adjacent) strength is at least notionally in opposition to the idea that you're supposed to learn about combat and the combat aptitude of characters by like, actually fighting them.

Nothing to say another game couldn't be added to the existing repertoire that didn't expose that kind of information though.

How is an arm wrestle different than a spar to first blood, or two hits, or a gang deal that we can fight but not kill eachother, or UMC?
Those things are much more complex & layered & can & do go very wrong sometimes. Sparring weapons is a bit of an overlapping grey area, as is Riot Gear, but they at least involve more than literally 1 skill check.
Then don't make it one skill check? See my suggestion?
Ya, I could see it using str, end, int, maybe even checking to see if you have any combat skills at all, and that's just off the top of my head, and with know deep knowledge of how skills and stats work.
Arm wrestling is so 1998 anyways.

Choke each other. See who goes down quicker. :D

I mean, kinky.
I don't hate the choke contest.
Jotun, you need to read 'help chastity'. >:E
Well, I know it doesn't exist but I feel like a lot of people need a @safespace. That's a whole nother topic though.
Make it take like 3 minutes and drain your endurance so you can't go around a bar as if you're giving high fives.