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Apartment 'Viewings'
More IC ways to look at certain pads/apartments

After the fairly recent changes allowing the 'Large' Pads to be bought up - I was thinking. A lot of the 'public' pads don't really have any indication as to what the insides actually look like available to players before purchase - which I imagine would be annoying since the larger, six-room pads have a -lot- of internal variety.

My suggestion is that we add a few IC ways to view the internals of these places by adding things such as grid advertisements with descriptions, perhaps pictures posted in lobbies, or NPCs that can 'tour' the higher-grade places (though that may end up being stressful for GMs).


very cool idea

How about....corpie real estate agents.
People we're uncomfortable with the idea of a PC being able to eject another PC from the back of their taxi. There is no effing way I am dealing with the backlash from you all if a property manager could eject you from your housing or access your pad when you were away.

As for viewings, yes it would be cool but every pad is different and the difficulty of automated showings may not be worth the effort.

My IC reasoning for this is that housing is so scarce that even corpie characters just take what they can get. It ain't perfect but making it better may not have the ROI in terms of time, that we look for in a mid length project.

I can see the issues that you mentioned with a PC manager/automated tours being a dealbreaker then, including the work needed for implementing them.

Perhaps instead, there could simply be more descriptions of the pads placed around the IC world - as I mentioned in the original, I don't imagine that one-off postings of the types of rooms a pad has, or one-off pictured of pads in a lobby would be overly taxing or difficult for developers.

Maybe someone should work to make this happen ICly and sell the viewings as paydata?
I think a dedicated "show room" empty apartment unit would make sense for topside dwellings but it does seem a bit superfluous compared to other game needs.
I am all for someone being a 'real estate agent' of sorts, or getting access to apartments and taking photos and compiling a bunch of info and using it as paydata ICly, advertising on SIC and showing people pics of possible apartments, or just straight up real estate agenting it and like renting a bunch of places, and then subletting them to people, or just knowing all the places and connecting people with the right places, that are currently available, based on what they know of them. That's a dope idea for a character that would lead to tons of RP.
GMs were very helpful when I was shopping around even for a medium pad. I don't want to volunteer that they will be available in the same way for everyone at all times, but I was able to see what I was buying before doing so. I fit it in ICly like a met with a property manager and they let me take a look. I really like the idea of having this play out entirely IC though. Would be especially fun for the characters involved. But in the meantime admins will help you make it work, just speak up.