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Allow stickers to be used on vehicles
More customisation for rides

Stickers being usable on vehicles would be great for adding some extra personalisation to your ride. Custom stickers can already be designed ingame, so people would be able to add a personal touch to their ride, or even things like sponsorship stickers for ingame events.
You can use stickers on vehicles - it just requires placing them on a part compared to just slapping them on a finished vehicle. Find out more IC but this is very possible!
Without going into further detail, no. That's not possible. Trust me.
There are multiple vehicle examples of just that ingame including one I saw an hour ago. It may currently be broken on certain vehicle parts due to recent changes (in which case @bug the issues you are having, I know I've done a few lately) but you can definitely customize vehicle parts with stickers.
I have already filed a bug request and been told directly that stickers on a part does not work, and is something that should be posted as an idea. Hence why this is here.
That is...very odd but alright. Would love stickers on vehicle parts back again then! They worked as recently as a few months ago.
An update -

Stickers DEFINITELY work on applying to vehicle parts and being shown in the vehicles description after installation. It may not work on all parts, or all vehicles, but I just checked to see if this was possibly a specific case not allowing it and I had no trouble applying and installing.

It may also be an issue with you not having a specific skill (possibly) that would allow this to happen, but I do not know the behind the scenes of how this occurs.

I can only wait for Slither to respond to this, then. It wasn't working on a specific vehicle and I bugged it, and was told that it was never a feature to begin with and that I should post an idea for it.
I suspect you are lacking a certain skill (maybe) if it wasn't a certain vehicle or type of vehicles, because I placed one on a basic outward facing part with no issue.
I had no issues placing it on the part, it just doesn't show in the vehicle description (a bike, in this case).
That may be bikes then (though I know of bikes that have had stickers in the past I believe) so it may be the recent name change of specific parts on bikes recently-ish. I did things on a car.
Sounds like the issue is with bikes specifically not supporting this feature. I'll take a look.
This should be resolved.