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Adding %color to vehicle short-descs
A cherry red HondaMitsu Katana 250 does a wheelie.

I think it would benefit things to add the %color to vehicle passing by and/or sitting on the streets.

"What color was the Koi that baka go away in?"

"No fucking clue, man."

There's been a number of times where I've seen a type of vehicle drive past, too quickly for me to do a 'look' at it, and I would have zero indication if it might've been the same vehicle I saw making a pass a bit ago. Even though I'd -probably- notice the same hot pink minivan.

While I don't anticipate this being a direct indicator it was the same vehicle, it would still be a small clue, a piece of the puzzle, in case you see the same metallic black Holden circling the block... Or you know the shroud who killed you was on a purple Roadmaster.

This would also create more of a demand for mechanics, with people swapping out the color of their rides. And potential for paydata (IE: JoeBaka got his purple Roadmaster painted yellow after that hit on you went down...)

It would also still leave license plates viable, and hard to catch with a 'look'.

Please tell me how shit this idea is. Thank you.

I've suggested this before, and I still think it is an absolutely critical thing that needs to be implemented.
I like this idea, especially in the prevention of folks being meta. I've nearly done this. Character A knows Character B drives a 2090 Koi (making this up here). They were just around and it was probably them, right? Feels meta. There would be a ton of other exact models driving around. Color and license plate would give something more to rely on for closer identification (or stalking, whatever the case may be).
The ambient disguised NPCs could have friends who drive various ambient cars too. For similar reasons.
Layers upon layers.

I like it, bean_dip.

What would be nice is to see license plates as they are now done away with and be replaced with machine-readable barcodes, ala ghost in the shell. Things that won't prevent the LEO players from doing their jobs, provided they (or others) have the right equipment, but at the same time make tracking vehicles in the mix harder than simply strolling around for 15 minutes.

I think it'd also really drive the carpaint and repair business. We do crimes and switch hoods and shrouds. Let's use getaway cars, then pop in and paint them and have a ding pulled so it's not easily identifiable.

System as it is now with relatively few car objects in the game, and a big sign on them telling you that it's the exact car you saw last time really makes it challenging to go out of your way to avoid meta.

+1 in support of this idea.

Gosh, a lot of great points Talon! Here's to 2020 being the year of getaway cars and drive-bys in sindome!
I like all of this.
Same. +1
An idea that came up...

Is that the current license plates are nearly necessary for ease of commands in some places.

But you could move those plate ID's onto an OOC section of the EX, or onto SCRUT, or even EVAL. Essentially becoming an IC VIN in the case of EVAL. But one that isn't as easy to see at a glance. While still retaining the functionality of being able to use that plate ID for commands..

The problem with this is that its going to be very easy to know whose owns what vehicle.

I find new players being lets call it 'naively metagaming', doing things like remembering the voice of a person who they heard spoke to someone else in passing and then using that to recognize them under a disguise.

Red car? Oh, only JoeBaka drives red cars, I saw someone draw a red car two weeks ago in Death Street, so it must have been JoeBaka since no one else has red cars.

So you'd have to have like fake cars, of the same color and model driving around at the same time you are driving like with ponchos, and I don't think the moo can support all those red cars.

I feel like if we were to stop adding features because they can be used in a meta way, we wouldn't have half the features we have in the game right now.

Thermos? Nope. Easily meta'd.

Shrouds and hoodies were easily meta'd for a long time too. Still kind of are due to some circumstances that I believe the Admins are already aware of (not sure if they were fixed or not).

Players have to self-policy sometimes, and the staff will bop people for metaing like this.

But ultimately I think this change would be healthier than just not having those colors since technically our characters SHOULD be able to see colors from a glance.

Folks, please read the BGBB Etiquette thread. Specifically relating to 'things we consider poor form'. I understand wanting to support an idea, and I'm all for it. But '+1' and '+1 this is good' responses are not adding anything to the discussion and just serve to clutter up the post and spam the MOO with forum notifications. Thanks!

The room for meta is clear, however just like disguises we suspend the sense of disbelief and get slapped by GMs for attacking someone solely based on the color.

No GM is going to take "I saw a red Koi" as a credible reason unless there was further evidence to support the matter, just like how attacking someone in a red hoodie isn't a credible excuse.

This would also make tinted windows even more desirable...

In addition to making tinted windows more desirable, the change I proposed earlier (essentially partial masking of tag numbers) would also work well with the recent changes of letting players mark up cars.

Do you think you're being tailed or monitored by a car? Whip out a can of spraypaint and put a spot of ink on one of the rims. Small enough that you could identify it if you were looking, but not large enough to attract the attention of the owner.

I think the few relatively small changes proposed in this thread would go a long way towards boosting cars as tools of mystery and intrigue!

More cars, more tinted windows, less obvious ways to identify them - good for everyone and doubly good for those who work in the automotive scene!

@HolyChrome Maybe in an ideal world, but its not my experience.

After some reflection I have to agree that people are going to meta no matter what, there be features that obscure or not someone's identity. And in that spirit, I would try to use the code to make it more difficult, instead of more easy.

I like the idea of tinted or polarized glasses, that 'obscure' the driver's features but doesn't block seeing them entirely, conceptually at least.

The other ideas Talon suggested seem more intricate or difficult to implement.