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@trust to steal

Could there be a @trust to steal where if you take something from a sleeping person who @trusts you, it won't trigger the nightmare script for them?

Not sure if this would also allow the @trusted person to pickpocket/take things from you when you are awake, but in all reality it's very annoying to wake up to the nightmare script when it's just your mano or mona trying not to disturb you as they borrow your quickterm for a moment. I feel like a @trust could work very well here in this case.

I like the @trust to steal idea because it would provide a surreptitious way to hand things off between characters without necessarily being observed.
Yeah, this is a pretty good idea actually
This would be super useful!
+1 from me. I see some fun potential here - things that have been mentioned and beyond.
+1 from me too. For the same things as above, good points made.
Also the fact if you trust someone you don't always pay attention to what they do. You might think they're petting you, or squeezing you, but you're nicking their favorite possession :D
Not to doublepost or necropost but just checked back on this again and want to add I agree with @beandip that it's a very useful thing for schemes where you need to hand things off discreetly.
I'm a no on this. People will start wondering out of game where their shit went and think it is a bug.
Isn't there already a skill to hand things off discreetly..? Your friend letting you take or give something doesn't make you more or less sneaky.
Yes, there is a skill for it. However, it's a contested skill against the target and everyone else in the room. So even if you're sneaky enough to get it past everyone else, the person you're planting things on may still mechanically stop the attempt and blow your cover even if they WANT you to plant it on them, since there's no @trust for it. Equally so if they are taking it off of you surreptitiously.
It also makes a difference if the target is asleep, as in the case of the original post. Steal doesn't work on sleeping people. You get a message that tells you to just take it from them.

Looks like a moot point now though.

@batko +1

But Slither said no so probably a no.