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@titles for @disguise-names

I don't know if this is an intended feature, a limitation of the code, or something that has simply been overlooked, but at the moment it is not possible to use an @title when operating a high end disguise. This is something which would be very useful to a character trying to impersonate a particular role or convey something distinct about the persona they have adopted.
This has been brought up before, and I still support it's inclusion.
Im definitely in support of this one. I think it should be gated by high disguise (maybe higher than the name change itself). But if this and contact/wig colors were changed, pretending you were someone else would be a slam dunk for ooc meta.

Nixing these ooc signals makes for so many fun opportunities. With more and more being tied to a sic chip instead of your charname, the options for legit undercover shit are huge and don't need staff involvement or handwaving.

Id like to throw another crazy idea on the fire: an option to have "two names" or "yellow npc names" when you hit stupidly high levels of disguise. For better or worse, people still act differently around npcs. It would be really fun to play around with that expectation. I think it could help disguised players enforce the "I'm a stranger capable of everything" aspect that makes SD so dicy when npcs are puppeted.