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@blindfold me
Consensual Blindfolding For Mugging, etc.

I think it would be really cool if there was a way to blindfold people. I'm wondering if the "dark room code" could be used on players to enable secret meetings, etc.

I'm thinking it would work like this:

Muscle: Shut yah eyes! If I see 'em open on the way to HQ yah dead!

Player: Ok, sure, anything just don't kill me!

@blindfold me

Mugger sees: player covers their eyes in fear, they won't see a thing till they open them.

The player can then @blindfold me again to open them up, with a message displayed to those watching them. Ideally you'd still hear things as you would when in a pitch black room. Seems like fun RP. The person could try to sneak a peek if they wanted, and the mugger would have reason to end them if they got caught.

There are severe implementation problems with blindness as an in-game mechanic.

You just have to RP it and only do that kind of stuff with people you can trust not to meta.