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Weirdness with addressing and emote

In a crowded place, there appears to be strange consequences where if people are using 'emote', someone can emote doing something with you but because they aren't addressing you, you don't see it.

What's the IC protocol for this?

IE -- If I pose offering someone a hug, and they respond by emoting hugging -- there's a strange disconnect in the world.

I mean, generally this is a reason to not use emote, but.

Yeah, it's in the same boat as people doing 'says' without targeting people. With the current toolset I use it as a teachable moment for the player to learn to pose.

Either that or tell them to speak loudly like a boss and get things going dramatically.

It's a good lesson to learn early otherwise they might target someone hiding in the shadows with a "flips you off emoji" and pay the price for it haha.

Says and flipping the bird is fine and easy to understand IC. You didn't notice. But someone bear hugging you? High fiving you?
Are you not addressed automatically? Like if you '.open my arms to hug kroack warmly' and I respond 'hug pavane', there's a chance you won't see it?

Or do you mean if the hugged character just types hug with no player argument?

I mean, haha, in this exact scenario both kroack and pavane stand there awkwardly, waiting for cuddles.

If the player types :hugs Kroak instead of .hugs Kroak it doesn't trigger watching.
For simple things, use the socials that are pre-baked actions, like 'hug', but this is a blindspot that emoting players have to be mindful of.

(Edited by Johnny at 8:34 am on 3/18/2021)

Agreed, we should be mindful of that.