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Sleaze should still generate entry fees
Someone is paying your way in, afterall

Thread in title.

Sleazing your way into bars, clubs, or other gated access areas should generate income when that business is player owned. IC messaging indicates that a NPC/ambpop is paying your cover for you, so why not chip the club/bar owner that flash to pay their employees with and run events on?

I like it. Maybe even pull the flash from that NPC's own pockets straight into the till. When they go broke paying for all those chums, you can't talk your way in no matter how hard try.
I don't think there are a coded NPCs with pockets that can go empty when you sleaze your way to somewhere. It is just an interaction with the ambient population.
Seems logical but to play devil's advocate, why not leave it the way it is and encourage PC bouncers at bars to harass anyone who sleazes their way in?
@reefer I like that too.
While it doesn't make sense in-universe, I do feel like the owner suffering a minor decrease in entry fee revenues for not hiring enough PC bouncers to ensure folx actually pay entry fees and buy drinks when they come in is already fair as is.
I don't think door fees make up a large enough portion of leaseholder income for this to matter too much. Balancing employee expenses + lease cost against weekly income is kind of tough but I don't think having sleazing guests generate fees will make a difference.

There's also already a way to give specific guests the convenience of entering a bar without cash whenever they feel like it, and leaseholders can charge for that access if they so choose.

I don't think sleaze should do this. If there are IC messages about a bouncer paying the fee for the person I think those messages should be changed. Feel free to @bug them. Sleazing is you talking your way into the club because you are charming or whatever. It isn't you talking someone into paying for you IMO.
Please change the helpfile for sleaze then. It contains this example:


@sleaze_action me is "%N % %p big eyelashes at %who, trying to convince them to cover %p way into %where."

I've had all my sleazes depict the bouncer or a patron paying my character's way, because of seeing that example in the helpfile.