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Meh-Metachrosis Skin
Why no disguise?

So, this is a stupid grievance and I'm exercising by bubblegum bitch rights to spew them forth.

I am severely underwhelmed by Metachrosis Skin. The inherent stealth bonus is AWESOME but at the sacrifice of some armor - totes makes sense. But why doesn't it disguise the wearer? No one ever pointed at cloaked Major Kusanagi and was like "Hey Motoko", right?

I think you would see a much large adaption of it if toggling it as a wearing/removing a disguise with all the code to lose said disguise.

Does anyone else wanna be svelte translucent baka?

Yes please!
This makes a lot of sense since my main issue with this nano is if someone spots you, which is extremely easy to do with certain tools, you're pretty much made.
I don’t have any experience with this nano but it sounds like it should do exactly what you suggest.

I think if Predator and all I can envision is some bendy light figure, not any physical detail.

I am 100% behind this suggestion. I love this nano, and it's themely as fuck, but you need to expose skin to use it, which means you're going to be disguising less. It would be dope as fuck for it to disguise you.

Maybe a command like /blend for it to take effect or something for disguise?

Metachrosis involved a lot of RP to create and the saddest thing ever was when it came out and nobody went and got it.

It's also not super usable with armor which makes sense, but if you can afford nanos you are probably not bringing them on a stealth mission with no gear because that's usually a waste of a sleeve.

Anyway just doing the disguise thing would be cool. It could additionally buff disguise for people wearing partial disguises (wigs, masks) and I don't think that would be OP. It makes enough sense in-universe with how it works, too.

Agreed in principle, but I think it's 'always on', isn't it? Or you just mean you auto-disguise as you remove articles of clothing?
Metachrosis activates when you hide, so it could disguise you then and keep you disguised until it slipped or you dropped the disguise.
I always liked the idea of these nanos for the ninja type characters rather than combat characters using stealth as a side-skill, but it's upsetting to me that not even the thieves/pickpockets/stealth mains are using it, at least not the majority that I've seen.

Maybe a buff could be in order and the disguise could very well work.

A major issue is that every 2nd char I see is tattooed and metachrosis forces them to take the chance of still being ID'd. Maybe if when it's activated tattoos cease to appear for the duration?
Necro, I think you hit the nail on the head with the tattoos. Eph, that sounds amazing as well.

This particular nano was the one I had the highest hopes for, and had a blast rp'ing the mutation. Given its function though, it didn't end up factoring much into my play because of the current drawbacks.

From the description, I'm under the impression that this does allow you to change your skintone at will.

Could be wrong but that's what I read it as.

It was implemented before the @skintone was created. Whether it's been coded to take advantage of the new feature, I'm not sure.
Slitherrrrrrr! 😅
On the topic of skintone modification, you can find a post below..