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I am really mad. A while back we banned a player for community harm. They were taking up a ton of staff time, killing their character off, requesting more things from staff, justifying it with claims of being disabled. We gave then chance after chance, asked them to just play the game, but they couldn't make it a day without killing their character, requesting GM attention, failing to do their job due to lack of IC skills and then complaining about it OOCly despite being told it takes time to get good at something on Sindome.

Basically they wanted special treatment and were emotionally blackmailing staff with sob stories about real life disease and pain and loneliness.

We aren't monsters. We let it go on much longer than we should have. Eventually, they became so toxic and harmful that staff were not signing in because they couldn't deal with this emotional bloodsucker.

We voted to ban them.

A year or so later we got an email from someone claiming to be a blind player. They set off red flags with their tone and requests. I was sure it was the same person. However they had a different email and I couldn't link them together. They started playing and the same issues cropped up.

The same frustrations with almost a completely different staff. Finally, one of us lost our cool with the person who was upset that they were being pushed out of their IC job because they weren't doing it. They were upset they were being held to the same standards and anyone else playing sindome. This has been a constant battle with this person who is not reasonable. They are utterly frustrating. And finally they admitted they were the same person.

I am disgusted by their behavior. Their emotional vampirism. Their pretending to be blind to gain favoritism. It's disgusting. They already banned forever, so I can't even do that.

I thought you all should know this had happened.

The new character has been newted and will never be present in the game again.


For the record, in the interest in transparency. It wasn't me who lost their cool with this player's unfortunate behavior.

While I don't support their behavior and their IC/OOC neediness, I did know who they were, I had called them out the very first day they created their account and I was just consciously making an exception to see if they could actually just play the game and not be a continued drain on resources.

This turned out to not be the case and they repeated their past mistakes. It was handled by other staff at that point.