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Jumping off a roof
While in combat

Wrote to the admin about this on xhelp last night without a response.

Currently you cannot jump off an edge while in combat.

You MAY be able to stop attacking and jump off an edge - I'm not sure about that.

What do YOU think? Does this make sense? Has this disrupted anything for you or players you know? Will it make sense to a new player?

This used to be possible. However, the moment someone was losing in combat they could just jump off. If they were smart, they would have a paraglider. Meaning if they lured someone up to a rooftop, and were smart about it, they could basically try to kill the person and then flee (without contest) every time, off a rooftop, which the player they were fighting might not have been able to do, if they didn't have a glider.

We could possibly incorporate a skill check while in combat to rooftop combat, if that is something that players think is needed and will happen often enough to warrant the changes to the code.


Provided it operated under the same restrictions as a flee check - I'm all for it. Ranged weapons could be a perk her but shooting across roofs isn't possible yet though.

I think it's a feature that could be cool but isn't necessarily needed.

I definitely agree this would be a nice feature. How often it would get used.. I am not so sure about, but it'd be great to have the option, with the correct skill-checks of course.

Also, since we are on the subject.. jumping off a roof with someone grappled. I would love this, also with the necessary skill-checks. Like a resist check and a shove check both before success.

Player A grapples Player B.

Player A shouts maniacally at Player B "We both die together, baka!"

Player A jumps off the s edge.

Player B is dragged along.

The possibilities.. mmmmm...

That would be mother*beeping* epic if that made it into combat code, which I will never learn how to do. Maybe next year's Rampage, I'll get it.
Whatever happened to this? Rooftop combat is still severely broken as far as I know, to the point if someone knows what commands to use it's an automatic escape every single time. Or it turns into a race to spam certain commands trying to stop a person from jumping off, regardless of how many people are trying to end a target.

Is staff still willing to consider implementing a skill check?

*Forgot to add that if someone escapes during a rooftop fight, the person they were fighting will be stuck in combat. @bugged this before but it seems relevant.
I believe some fine-tuning to rooftop jumping and combat has been done over the years but I may be mistaken. Having been on both sides of the fence here, I'm a big fan of the current implementation. Rooftops are static, known quantities. With the proper planning, reaction, or just plain luck - you can really fuck someone up even if they try to getaway. In that same regard, you can escape and evade foes.

For me, it is an extension of how a lot of stuff in Sindome works tactically. If a person does x, you have options a, b & c.

I'm not entirely against additional adjustment but there are limited chase scenes available in Sindome and I think there are more options in this scenario than you may realize.

It's not broken, it's a roof and you usually have a 360 degree availability for escape routes. I have been on both sides of the fence as well and I think it's fine the way it is.
Could work like fleeing combat?
While I have to say it's sensible and even themely to break both your kneecaps flinging yourself off a building to survive an attack, I have to agree with Necronex666 here.

You type faster or you macro roof jumps and it's astonishingly easy to disengage from combat on roofs. And one would think that it should be harder to flee from someone on top of a building with limited access routes as opposed to say, a street with broad swathes of areas in which to flee. When you get to a point in the game where you have sufficient health to -know- that falling off a multistory building isn't going to result in you dying, it starts becoming a no-brainer to flee combat this way.

The fact that some characters travel exclusively by roof, or via roof as much as is possible in game should be indicator enough that there's some advantageous reasons as to why people prefer to move this way (aside from the obvious speed bonus.)

But that's just my two chyen.