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Can't highlight in webclient
As of 3-5 days ago

As of maybe 3-5 days ago, it's become impossible to select text on the webclient (on both Android and Windows). You try to highlight something and it highlights everything above your selection. Over and over.

Is this happening to anyone else? It's impossible to manage.

Yeah I've noticed this since I started playing again, on Chrome.
Currently working fine for me, but I am on a Mac.
This is happening for be too and it's driving me insane.
Also happens to me (I only use it on Android) and it drives me nuts.
Am now able to confirm the behavior in Chrome Mac after upgrading from v76 to v77. Looks to be a change in how selection is working across container boundaries. Will see if I can track down the change they made.
I was having this issue too (especially on longer sessions). One user recommended I clear my scroll/cache. It helped immensely. Not sure if this is the silver bullet.

Even if it is, I am seeing this as a more recent problem. I use Chrome on Windows 10.

Windows - Chrome

It happens only if you go into "dead space" when highlighting. If you highlight just the text, or click and drag straight down (over text) it highlights it just fine.

Don't get me wrong, still annoying. Just some additional context.

We are going to hunt through the chrome changelog and see if we can figure out what they changed and how we can fix our implementation.
@Slither, @Johnny

You guys are obviously doing something wrong. You are running CHROME on OSX. That shit is supposed to JUST WORK.


I <3 you guys

Breaking changes like that are always the worst.

Best of luck on getting down to the root of it.

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