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Moo is offline?
As of 13:44 Withmore time

On, it says the moo is offline and I can't connect.
Same problem here.
If the MOO doesn't recover soon, people will start turning to the forums to get their MOO sex in.

God help us all.

I wouldn't complain~
I blame Mephisto
Hunker down y'all, it's time to tell non-ic scary tales til the server's up again

And we are back. The MOO went down around 2PM DST. It's back up, but we have rolled back to a backup made at 10:55AM DST. Any RP that happened during that time did NOT happen.

In future take a look at the Facebook and Twitter for updates :)


This is my first post in the BGBB, even tough I've been playing the game for a few years now.. :)

For some reazon, the moo isn't connecting here, is this problem just with me? I'm trying to connect at 5555