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Mobile + LastPass

Are any of you mobile users also using LastPass?

I am, and every time the input window becomes active the LastPass auto-login window pops up. It's super annoying.

I have not figure out how to selectively disable it for Sindome, or just while using the mobile client. The only option seems to be to turn it off completely.

Anyone else in the same boat? Have you figured out a work around?

That was happening to me but it stopped in recent weeks. It was pissing me the hell off. Anyone figure out how to disable it? Maybe we need to make that text box a non-autofill some how?
Yeah I did some googling and updated the webclient with a special id that is supposed to cause lastpass to ignore it. Can you confirm?
Slither, what you did fixed it.

You never cease to amaze me.

I hope your real job pays you fat chyen for your programming skillz.

I spoke too soon.

LastPass must have been disabled when I tested earlier.

It's still front and center every time I try to enter commands.

I am going to access the LP web client and see if there's a way to whitelist *