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Korova Milk Bar

Located at the top floor of the New Light Media building, this exclusive club was born from the mind of celebrity superstar Juicy Vee.

The Korova Milk Bar was initially aimed specifically at the corporate masses of Withmore City and visiting executives from abroad. Featuring scantily-clad waitresses serving a variety of drug-laced flavored milk beverages and musical offerings showcasing subtly sexy vocals, and neo-noir personality combined with the laid back grooves of gentle jazz.

The club would go through many stages of evolution over the years, shifting its focus from upscale entertainment to a more free-spirit and diverse crowd with events featuring Mix trends making this venue popular with corporate employees and mixers alike looking to add an edge to their evenings.

A VIP room and hot tub are available. The main room is broadcast 24/7 on channel 420, allowing the public to broadcast themselves.

Global Map, 2102

map designed by Wild Giller
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