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Non-English using PCs read/write grid?
Staff guidance sought

This game up in Game-Help today the TL'DR is in the title.

[-][Game-Help] DancingRoo [8 karma]: Is the Grid supposed to be Multi-Lingual? I know that it isn't presented that way.

[-][Game-Help] beandip [189 karma]: gray area, but I wouldn't assume it is.

[-][Game-Help] Baguette [44 karma]: good question

[-][Game-Help] DancingRoo [8 karma]: So if you don't speak English, you can't use the Grid?

[-][Game-Help] Kalii [1 karma]: WOuld imagine there's at least language options somewhere if 80 million people live here.

[-][Game-Help] Papertiger [10 karma]: Maybe has a translate feature?

[-][Game-Help] beandip [189 karma]: here's what I would do:

[-][Game-Help] fopsy [17 karma]: Assume it has language options, it just is not coded.

[-][Game-Help] beandip [189 karma]: I would maybe consider a translation feature for any sort of "official" content, but not for any user-submitted content.

[-][Game-Help] fopsy [17 karma]: A little flag top right corner or something like you get on websites nowa days. Job done, sorted. EVeryone can use the grid :)

[-][Game-Help] DancingRoo [8 karma]: That's what I would assume, but wanted to ask before I tried to tell someone that they should be able to see it.

[-][Game-Help] beandip [189 karma]: I'd be extremely wary about assuming, but,

[-][Game-Help] Baguette [44 karma]: i mean its the cyberpunk future they probably got machine translation pretty solved

[-][Game-Help] beandip [189 karma]: this could be something worth seeking a ruling on

[-][Game-Help] Papertiger [10 karma]: Its a really good question.

[-][Game-Help] fopsy [17 karma]: If google translate can do it now, I would be gobsmacked and feel it blocking for players needless to not just assume it is accessable with accessability options. Happy to be corrected.

[-][Game-Help] beandip [189 karma]: with forum posts, @notes, other ways you coiuld think of to engage staff

[-][Game-Help] Baguette [44 karma]: i doubt there'd be a 'mixmash' option but other languages i dont see why not

Yeah, this also goes for terminals and other systems in the game that don't have coded language support.

For me, not being able to speak a native language is a kind of cool thing to do that is already punishing enough (High SIC bills). If you shut those characters out of a significant portion of the game that is just brutal. Trying to RP it is just awkward. We can't share terms or other objects easily.

I would think that since the tech exists now, there has to be a translation application that takes care of it. Just isn't something that's coded into the game necessarily.

But I'd love to see an official verdict on this.

Cameras, grid terms, SIC, all universally translate automatically across all languages.
Unless you speak, read or write cromag.

Not even Withmore tech can solve that nonsense. :)

I think I remember reading that cameras simply translating everything was due to limitations of the codebase and the switch at the start of the year would allow this to be changed.

Are there any plans for that change?

The plans are in place, but per our roadmap for the next year: It's not on it.