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It inspired me, maybe it will help you?

It can be easy to forget whilst playing that Sindome isn't a win-lose game and that ultimately the reward comes from playing the game itself. Whilst this speech isn't made with Sindome in mind I feel the message in it resonates quite heavily with patterns I've seen both in and out of character within the Sindome Community and I'm hoping it will help inspire folks who are maybe struggling (or not). It certainly helped me re-focus my outlook on how I play.


(After ~8mins 30 video content is entirely irrelevant)

I liked this a lot. Thanks for the share.

Caveat: SD doesn't need to have only finite or only infinite types of players. And nobody has infinite resources (time, money, energy). The message here is to remember that the long game you can choose to play (or not) is OOC community building that contributes to a more themely (& therefore enjoyable) IC world.