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Rise and Fall of a Mecha Fight League
This was before its time.

MegaBots Inc were a group of enthusiasts who took their passion for fantasy mecha battles and got closer than anyone before to making that fantasy a reality. They built not one but two enormous battle mechs and hosted the first true mech battle between their machine Eagle Prime and the Japanese Kuratas produced by none other than Suidobashi Heavy Industries. Their company recently had to file for bankruptcy due to the enormous expenses associated with building and transporting mechs compared to the revenue they can generate.

If you haven't followed this project I seriously recommend looking into it just to see what it was they did and at the very least, look at some cool mechs shredding cars and stuff. I personally think it's badass that they managed something like this even if the robots and fights perhaps turned out a little janky. This was well ahead of its time. The videos can be found here:

I saw this, it's sad they're gone. I wanted a damn IRL Ingram