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Camera the size of a grain of salt
Good luck trying to search for this....

So not only are we always going to be watched, we're never going to be able to actually see when we're being watched. The days of obvious cameras are going to be long gone. What will be interesting, is people's attitudes on privacy. Just like our parents were horrified with the advent of the internet and the ability for people to know about everything that you're doing, our kids will likely not care that they are on camera 24/7.

Wow, fascinating.

I think the 24/7 camera thing has already started with Nest and other IOT home security devices. It's something I'd never be comfortable doing, but they're in people's living rooms. When I ask about it they always say "Well you have a phone on you all the time" as if that's the same as having a live video feed of you chilling on the couch constantly.

I guess the next step is Truman-show-esque all-day streaming. I think there's people doing that already on Twitch.

What a wooooorrrld.