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Vile City
Pretty good browser based CP game

Check it out, it's a pretty cool browser based Cyberpunk game.

Indeed.  Anyone that may still visit is more than welcome to join the Arteries gang.  Figured I'd pass that along
Yes!   all should Rep the arts!!!   I was just thinking that all the sindomers that play here should converge!  haha
I'm signed up, just need someone to accept me in the gang. :)
Joined. Add me to the gang!
I forgot all about this game. I like how I came back and my character is 10x as rich and skilled as he was when I left him.
AM ON VILE CITY!  I wanna join the gang.  Let's rob some suckers chummers.
Dude, apparently I'm the number 1 player in the Toxic Waste Dump.

King of trash heap, king of trash heap!