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Raised by Wolves
On HBO Max

I haven't seen all of EGO in character but Raised by Wolves gave me EGO vibes. Really good show.
I am really excited to watch this show. I just need Amazon Fire tv to get HBOMax

This is the problem with mega corps when they get into spats. It's like Genetek and NLM getting into a fight and all the sudden Genetek cuts off clones to NLM.

(Edited by Slither at 8:45 pm on 10/19/2020)

I watched it on the interwebz and really enjoyed it. I hope it doesn't get cancelled, like most Science Fiction shows tend to do.

(As much as I love Travis Fimmel, he is pretty much reprising his role as Ragnar in this show. I really wished casting directors didn't make their choices based on imbd metracritic scores and typecasting but such are the evils of the industry.)

I just finished the first season and loved it. As a show its completely unpredictable, you never know what's going to happen. After finishing season 1 I literally googled "raised by wolves wtf".
This show was amazing I loved it so much!
I feel like this was one of those scripts written by an AI and then some really amazing directors and producers come in and throw money and talent at it until it's good. Kind of like that one car ad, remember that one?
So, the last episode ... did the writers change or what?!