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Pink Cyberpunk
Because I have an obsession apparently

Alright I'm done for tonight.

Looks more like a fetish to me :P
Typing Pink Cyberpunk into google gets you a lot of images like this, but the folder started out as a reference pic's for my character. And I gradually noticed I was saving more pink cyberpunky photos into it. And just decided to post them here.
Great images. Thanks for sharing.
Not a fetish! Pink/blue coming back in cyberpunk is largely due to the work of photographer Signe Pierce. It's thanks to her that we have this now.

Just another way how cyberpunk constantly evolves and lives thanks to our changing tech/arts culture!

Pierce came to notoriety in 2015 with American Reflexxx. By the time Blade Runner came out...

It was practically bursting at the seams with her influence.

Vaporwave definitely started the pink/blue thing, but Pierce connected it to modern cyberpunk as we know it!

I love what you're posting @supermarket.

This is good solid info.

Thank you! I love talking about this stuff because cyberpunk has a really important, pertinent warning for our society. And if we don't pay attention to it, we get stuff like people who actually believe corporations should own entire countries (those type of people exist! there's a revival in that thought!). Cyberpunk is a warning, not a roadmap!

So keeping it alive with fresh voices is important. In music, art, and in writing. It keeps people interested in the genre so they stay woke and know that creeping Mix/Topside divide when they see it.

not sure if this counts as super pink but :D

fucking love it Geoux, got it in my folder now

Yay! I'm glad you like it (: it was my wallpaper for a while on my phone. Now it's that one I think Diana did of sindome in the other arts thread.
My keyboard:

LOVE IT. What's the rainbow thing in the center though, I can only see like half the colors on it anymore.
Awww <3 thanks, geoux! :D I'll make another day.
It's an HTML color code cheatsheet mouse pad I don't use anymore. Probably had it for almost 20 years now.
that would be great! sorry I butchered your name some lol. I literally can spend hours just looking up cyberpunk city scapes soooo xD it was perfect. My boyfriend is giving me something for my birthday that involves that image too but idk what it is yet! I really love it (:

Everything you say about cyberpunk being a warning and not a road map is so true. I still find myself shaking my head from time to time as more of the dystopian future stuff that I read as a kid seems to be coming into reality.

For example, I have done some work with JP Morgan and they have their own internal security division. It makes sense, but I hadn't really thought about it until a bunch of armed guys showed up, to pick up equipment and load it into their own armored truck, to take it to the nearest airport to load it onto a private JP Morgan plane.

Most of the time, they farm out site security and what not to Securitas. But when it comes to critical, absolutely cannot be messed up types of security situations, they use their own people.