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It's free right now

Observer_ is a walking sim/detective/horror title that puts you in the role of Daniel Lazarski, an aging cyborg detective in an unfathomably miserable cyberpunk dystopia. It's one of Rutger Hauer's last roles and he's really really good in it.

The gameplay is pretty similar to Soma, and it's similarly spooky, perfect for October. If you want to check it out, it's free right now on Epic:

You don't need to give them any payment information either, so whatever your feelings about the Epic store this one's an actual freebie. Go play it's so good!!

After watching Vincent Vinesauce play this, i can't help but see every apartment door in the Mix as the ones in this. Especially those screens.
I loved this game so much ♡
Is this sorta like one of those visual novels or something like Heavy Rain? Where it's like an interactive movie?
Good game! Thanks for sharing with us. I've added it to the Games Inspiration page :)
@DoveCage It's a slow-paced first-person game with no shooting. Mostly you explore environments and talk to people, read emails, and solve some light puzzles. There are a couple of sections where you're being pursued and need to use some stealth but they're few and far between. It's mostly an interactive story.
I know I'm digging the grave a bit here but this game is so so so so great. Got it on Switch for sale for another playthrough and it's running great.

Love the Immaculates.

"No mods of any kind. That must make family life hard."

"Our church has a group for the penitent... unclean - perhaps you'd like to attend?"

So goooooooood. Chrome church lets go! Love all the Lore in this world.