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KFC Cooler Master Chicken Warming PC
The future is now!

In the never-ending Cyberpunk banquet that is 2020, KFC and Cooler Master have unveiled a bucket-shaped gaming PC that also warms chicken.

It comes with a suitably Dark and Cyber black and red color scheme, but it is bucket shaped (for the chicken obviously). Its got one of those Intel Nuc9 Extreme Compute Elements and a hot swappable NVIDIA GPU. Is chicken grease a conductor or an insulator?

(Edited by Johnny at 9:20 am on 12/23/2020)

My body is ready.
You didn't really call it out in the OP... but the case has a built in heater... for fried chicken. You can't make this stuff up...
Or you did and I'm poor at reading... :)

Still it can't be emphasized enough. It has a Chicken Warmer in a PC.

I'm d y i n g.

This is like something straight out of Snow Crash. I fucking love it. I can't believe this is real.

This isn't the cyberpunk future we wanted, but it's perhaps the one we deserve.

OK but like, you gotta get rid of the heat right? Do something with it. Might as well re-route it to the chicken chamber to keep your chicken warm.