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Hard Light Valkyrie
Just something I wanted to put down. Episodic.

Shouts rang out in the night, swallowed up by countless sounds in the busy city. The shouts continued, emanating from a column of apartment cubes, slapped together haphazardly. Six flights up the dangerous staircase, the door to cube 5 flew open. A flurry of noise and debris escaped the cube, as a woman in heavy, golden plasteel armor escaped. She had a small girl thrown over his shoulder, and a heavy pistol in his left hand. He turned around, pointing the pistol into the pitiful home and glared. A low, sweet voice escaped. "This is for Gardia, Don't you love your city?" It was a challenge, She'd kill the parents, and the first born she'd left if they said no. A Grin played across the woman's lips, before she turned around. The armored woman spread her massive chrome wings. The hard light projectors pushed out the brilliant Rainbow array of blades. She flapped hard, and took off from the staircase, heading up to the upper tier of the city, Called Asgard. While the lower level was called Midgard.

Vibrant wings of hard light fought against gravity, taking The woman and the young girl away from the grime of Midgard. The girl started to stir, and Cried out in fear from being so high up. "Don't cry, Little one You're flying with a Valkyrie. You've been chosen for something great. Take pride." The words actually seemed to calm the little girl. She snuggled into the Valkyrie's sable locks. The two crested over the plate that hid the sun from Midgard, and the little girl felt her first real solar embrace. "That's the sun! Ain't it! We're in Asgard! Mamma told me about this place!" A chuckle from the Valkyrie the only response. The two land in one of the many delightful parks. That sweet, low voice escapes again. "I'm Sana, love. And I know you're Danica, Stay in my sight, please? But you may play for a bit, You might not get too much in the near future till you get settled in." Sana patted the girl on the head, A soft smile playing across her tired face. The Valkyrie sat on the bench, overlooking the small playground. She watched the little girl run and play for several minutes, almost an hour. She stood, and waved at the young girl, and little Danica came running.

Some time later, the two were sitting in a waiting room with some two hundred other girls, all Danica's age. Those other girls were already abandoned by their escorts. Sana leaned down to kiss Danica's forehead with love. "This will be your home for the next few years, And these girls will all be your roommates!" A giggle escaped Sana, "Well You'll have your own room, but They will be living with you in the building. " She patted Danica on the head gently, before looking out at the other girls. "I'm not supposed to tell you, but Food will be scarce, so be prepared to fight for it... There is no Asgard or Midgard here... It's everyone for themselves, Don't forget that." The heavy double doors to the north opened, and Sana, being the only adult left in the waiting room, ushered all the girls though. She closed the door behind Danica, sighing heavily.

-Let me know if It's in the wrong place, or just doesn't belong at all. Gonna continue it in this thread if everything is Kosher.

The next morning proceeded with relative ease. Danica was the only girl who got any advice from their collector it seemed. A few of the girls were from Asgard, and their parents had informed them that this was a boarding school type thing. The majority of the girls, however, were from Midgard, and they knew this was some sort of population control. Only Danica knew how it was going to be controlled, with food some how. At six years old, all the girls were friendly with each other. They all cliqued together into natural groups, but so far had stayed friendly. The young girls discovered that their weren't any adults around to help them. Everything was automated or done remotely some how. Everything was available to the girls :VR games, massive televisions, audio players, a large gymnasium, and plenty of other rich amenities. The only locked room appeared to have some sort of automated bio-mod injector inside. The rooms were brightly decorated and the girls bedrooms had terminals to decorate however they want. The girls all spent the first half of the morning running around and trying out the massive amounts of clothes they found in their rooms. Inside the gymnasium the girls found a cache of weapons. Mostly wooden bokkens, butterfly knives, under powered fire arms, and batons. A few of the smarter girls reminded the others that people could get hurt. They did their best to make sure girls used the targets only, and didn't hurt each other.

Danica selected a bokken and put in the sling provided, resting off her hip. There seemed to be plenty for everyone, and even leftovers. Danica started to doubt that food would be the same way, even if it wasn't good food. A lot of girls played VR games, or watched tv, but Danica remembered the Valkyrie telling her she'd have to fight. The girl took her bokken to her room, intent on starting a training regiment. She pulled her pitch black hair into a pony tail, and looked at her door for a second. When she was about ready to start, A knock sounded on the door, and Danica sighed heavily, moving to open it. "Yeah?" She called out, and A bouncy blond bounded in, Holding a Bokken in her tiny hand as well. "Can I do this with you!?" A bright, almost obnoxious voice escaped the new girl. "I'm Raza! You're Danica right? I hard that armored lady talking to you! Let's get real good together!" A chuckle erupted from Raza, and it leaked out onto Danica, causing her to laugh playfully as well. The two girls spent the next few hours diligently training with their bokkens. They followed the training regiment given to them. It was simple, due to their age, but Raza seemed to pick it up faster than Danica. Soon, She was helping Danica with more complex ideas.

A loud bell marked lunch time, and Every girl ran to the mess room. In the room were fifteen heavily loaded plates of food. Danica and Raza, knew what was up. They quickly grabbed a single plate, holding their bokkens out at anyone who tried to stop them. They took the plate back to Danica's room, closing the door and sealing it up. The plate barely had enough for the two girls to fill up. After eating they looked at each other for a long moment, before glancing at the door. They knew once the other girls knew that was the only food being allotted to them, Chaos would reign. It was easy to decide to stay in the rest of the day, working with their bokkens, sparring and using the training program. It got boring fast, but the two girls knew they had a good reason to study. Later that night, They slipped out to check on what had happened in their absence. They found a robot, dragging a girl's corpse from the mess hall. After fighting their initial urges to cry and get sick, they looked in the mess hall. They struggled to hold their food in, as the gory scene showed that at least twenty girls had died, trying to get their hands on food. Raza spoke up. "You know, The Tee Vee was talking about how high the population was... Maybe this is a way to... weed out a lot of that? The Woman that brought me here told this was only one of many buildings like this. Could be girls from all over the city... a thousand, at least." Danica shivered, but nodded firmly. "Glad I grew up in Midgard, in the seventh ward.. I saw dead people a lot, mom tried to keep me from it, but we gotta lot a gangs.." Danica wiped tears from her eyes, thinking about her mother. Raza gazed at Danica a moment, shaking her head. "Let's room together.. so we can practice and make sure we eat enough."

Wow! The story is getting really good! It really makes me stop and think what I would do if I was in that situation.
Not bad. I get that maybe you're going for a short-story format but I can't tell when you're trying to focus on the characters and when you're world-building. More paragraph breaks could help. Hope to see more.
Thank you all! Hope to have more tomorrow! You have a good point Meph- Reading back over it tends to ramble. I'll see about reining that in a bit.
Over the next few months, twenty more had fallen in the fight for food. A natural order started to form, most of the remaining girls taking turns and rationing out food. This had a noticeable impact as most girls started to thin dangerously, some becoming lethargic. The collective discovered a freezer in the south most room, where the bodies of dead girls were being stored.

Of the twenty killed, Danica was responsible for two, Raza for four. The two girls had become close to eachother, but drifted from the other girls. They were sort of Pariahs, hated for not following the rationing plan like the other girls. Instead the two spent every lunch busting into the mess hall, grabbing a plate, and fighting their way out. They had actually put on weight these few months, while most of the others had wasted away. Lately Danica started to notice Raza eating less food of the plate, but still gaining at the same speed.

Early one morning, while Danica and Raza rested on the double bed, a pounding started on the door. Raza snapped out of bed, grabbing her bokken and approaching the door. The blonde cracked the door slightly, barking out. "What do you girls want!? It's Eight in the morning!" Danica heard whispering a few more barked questions. She couldn't make it all out. Danica stood up and grabbed her own sword. Raza motioned her over, and Danica moved to the door.

The two pushed out, bokkens pointed. Danica was surprise to find three girls: A redhead naemd Rhea, A brunette named Ashlin, and a blonde named Alex. The redhead, apparently their leader, spoke up. "We want in... We wanna start training, and eating more. We're starving and that plan they're doing is crap!" The smallest of the Trio, Alex, looked up then. Rhea started up again. "Think we could grab two plates if we worked togther, and share that amount?" Rhea looked hopeful, but eyed Raza and Danica with deserved fear.

Raza turned to Danica and shook her head. "It's up to you, Dani. I'm actually fine sharing a bit more food, and if there's more of us, it will be easier to fight off the girls. " Danica frowned slightly, not liking the idea of deciding. She narrowed her eyes at the girls. Her soft voice escaped "Can any of you even fight at all?" She decided to start out hard on them, Raza giggled briefly. Danica eyed the girls harder.

Again, Rhea was the one to speak out. "I'm real good with my hands! I had to fight a couple girls earlier this month! Uh.. Ashlin here is pretty good with a bo staff, saw her brain that one girl with the uppity accent, Think she's from Asgard." Alex looked up again, acting as if she wanted to talk, but her mouth remained closed. Ashlin piped in, with an unsteady tenor voice. " Alex don't really talk.. but she fights too. Usually with a knife. I never saw her fighting, but I see her with more food than the other girls." Alex gave a slight nod, and mimicked stabbing motions.

The four girls giggled happily. It was nice to laugh again, Danica thought. She hadn't really since she got here. She cast her gaze over each girl in turn and shrugged her shoulders. " It'd be easier if you lived next door, prove yourselves by kicking her out and taking her room, then." Danica pointed to the door across the hall from her own. She then slipped back inside, dragging Raza by the hand and slamming the door. "Did I do good, Raza? I don't like bossin people around like that..." She whimpered to her closest friend who was giggling and shaking her head. Raza leaned in and kissed Danica's cheek. "You did great, Let's get started on training."

-Shortened the paragraphs, and decided on a style, the first two paragraphs are an overview, and recap of the main cast, respectively. Hope that's better.

It's getting better! I'm enjoying it so much.

That was a fun episode! Bodies in the freezer... Raza still gaining weight despite eating less from her plate... Hmmm...
It's been a year, and a hundred out of the original two hundred remain. The turns and rationing has stopped, and natural cliques had turned into groups for survival. The girls split and began to fight for there chance at a days meal. One group separated from the rest, putting to use the bodies in the freezer. This wasn't seen as terrible to the other girls, mostly because it left more food on their plates. Most of the girls couldn't find the stomache for eating their former friends or enemies though.

Danica and Raza still ran the five girl group, with Danica coming into her natural leadership. She didn't want the group getting too much bigger, or it would be harder to fight for enough food for them per day. Over the most recent couple of months, the three young girls showed great improvement. Raza had stopped eating from the plate entirely, leaving more for the other four. She didn't hang out with the other cannibals, however. She remained loyal to her first friend, and didn't like the weird other things that group was doing.

The lunchbell hadn't quite rang yet. Danica and Raza, known to be the strongest, stood guard outside the mess hall door, bokkens ready. The cannibals left, the mess hall, after cleaning up and leaving it ready for the other girls. Raza gave a nod to the clear leader of that group. Danica coughed slightly, still having trouble stomaching the idea of Raza eating people. Danica gazed over at her anyway, smiling. "It's weird, Raza, you doing that. But we're still best friends, right?" Raza nodded to Danica with wide grin. Rhea, Ashlin, and Alex, arrived at the same time as the lunch bell. With weapons raised, the quintet entered the mess hall.

Rhea and Ashlin, the weakest of the group, held the two plates as they left the mess hall. Raza and Danica took point, but were surprised to find they weren't meeting any opposition. The other girls all seemed to be eyeing them, but not attacking today. Alex fidgeted with the butterfly knife in her hand. They discovered the reason as they closed in on Danica's room, where they all usually ate. Seven girls stood with weapons in waiting. Two had bokkens, One with a bo, and three with knives of varying lengths. The last one was seeming unarmed. Danica recognized her as the real threat, though, having seen her train with martial arts.

Danica leapt into action, thrusting her bokken at the unarmed girl. "You're not having our food, Tina!" Her voice was strong and loud for the first time. Danica's bokken slammed into Tina's forearm and was deflected. Danica spun the bokken easily in her hand, letting it jab into Tina's belly and chest. Tina, thrown back from the blows, flipped back onto her hands. She extended her right leg out, slamming it hard into Danica's waist. Danica braced against the kick, while Tina used the momentum of it to launch back onto her feet. Danica leapt into the air, extending her bokken and letting it land with her weight and a forceful swing to Tina's shoulder. The blow knocked the girl to the ground roughly, and Danica pointed her bokken at The next girl in line. "Sure you don't want to run back and let us eat in peace?"

Raza grinned darkly at the show. The other six girls moved forward, weapons raised and a Melee broke out. Alex rushed in, stabbing the first girl with a bokken in the gut. she slashed through and swung wide for the girl with the bo. The girl deflected, sending the blade flying. Raza caught the girls bo staff in her left hand, holding it while She beat the girl with her bokken. Danica squared off against two of the knife wielders, Taking a stab in the arm, but dispatching them quickly. Rhea set her plate down to get behind the final knife wielder. Rhea choked her to the ground, and finished the scene with a sickening crack of her neck. Rhea picked her plate back up, as the other bokken girl ran away down the hall.

Once inside the room, Raza spent her time stitching up Danica's wound, while the rest ate. Danica winced and slapped at Raza's hands a few times, but was happy when the job was done. "Thank you Raza... I think you made it hurt on purpose a few times though." She pouted playfully, wincing as she touched the stitches. "You girls have to start training harder." Danica added, gazing out at the other three. "I won't be fighting as hard for a few days, with this." She handed over Alex a Stiletto she grabbed off one of the two she attacked. "There ya go, Alex. That will be better anyway. We're gonna get more and more attacks like that, I think. And They're not all weaker than us." Danica shook her head, looking at the door.

The three went back across the hall into their room, and Danica motioned for Raza to join her on the bed. "You sure you don't want anymore of the real food, Raze, I feel bad eating so much... I know you're... eating... but I don't see it, ya know?" A giggle erupted from Raza, as she climbed the double bed and rested her forehead against Danica. "I'm fine, love, you know that. I'm not gonna leave ya for those other girls ever. I'm your best friend, remember? Now let's get a nap before we start afternoon training. That fight took a lot out of all of us." Raza replied, running her fingers in Danica's black locks.

I love the direction the story is going!
Another few months flew by, most girls didn't count anymore. A few more girls died, but a stalemate seemed to take over. About seventy five girls remained, forming three groups. After a certain amount of girls died it seemed more of the facility opened up for the remaining girls. A fully automated biomod station, A hall holding more dangerous weaponry, and an expansion to the gymnasium appeared. The gymnasium now had a firing range with training ammunition for some of the new weapons. It was becoming exceedingly clear the girls were meant to fight for their food.

Over the months, Tina recovered from her scuffle with Danica, and joined her group. She brought about 9 girls with her. Danica decided any more people would be bad, even though one wouldn't be eating from the snatched plates. The girls learned together, and owned that corner of the dorms. They were constantly practicing, and most of the days were good enough to score seven of the fifteen available plates. Another group had more girls, but they were weaker from not eating as much. The last group were cannibals, and wouldn't need worrying about until later, Danica thought.

Danica sighed in a fake disappointment at Raza. The black haired girl looked at her blonde friend, then at the new cat ears on her head. A giggle escaped, unable to hold in her humor or excitement. Danica ran over and started petting Raza's ears. "Still Can't believe you got cat mods, you're so weird. Teeth will help ya tear into that meat you eat though, won't it?" Danica grinned wide petting her friends ears and then reaching down to play with the new tail. "Jeez Raza, This better help with your balance like you said it would."

"It will Danica! That's why cats have them!" Raza answered in a huff, but followed it with a giggle. Raza wrapped the brunette up in her arms and shuddered. "I'm glad you don't hate it, but stop petting my ears so we can go get food, the bell is in five minutes, yeah?" Both girls hopped off the bed, and grabbed their weaponry. The young girls made it to the mess hall a few minutes early, and had time to adjust their armored coats and the pants underneath.

The bell rang, the melee erupted. Danica and Raza lead the charge of the fifteen girls into the mess hall. Danica and Raza coming through with Wakizashis, and three other girls bringing up the rear with the same. Alex lead a group of knife weilders and a couple marksman silently to gaurd the entrance. Rhea and Tina got the first bit of action, two other girls had been waiting to get food, and the two pugilists knocked each of them unconcious with a few blows. The less learned girls grabbed up as many plates as they could, getting seven this run.

On the way out, Danica and Raza had to rush a couple marksmen. Both girls lunged in unison, running the other girls through. This left them open to attack from the back, and they both took blows before Rhea and Tina could grab their assailants. It was fast, and with Alex's girls, The group attacking them was dispatched, the majority of them left dead. Danica shrugged at all the bloodshed, totally unaffected by it, while Raza licked her lips, looking at the chunkier of the corpses. That made Danica shudder, but she pointed the body out to Rhea. "Grab that one, you're the strongest of us, Take it to our room for Raza, I'll give you a whole plate today if you do." The groaning from the other girls was silenced by Danica's sudden cold glare. Raza even flinched at the glare, wondering just how much of The Danica she liked would remain after this, if any of them remained at all.

Back in Danica's room, the girls went over what went wrong, and Danica admitted to not seeing the girls to either side of the gunners. "When this place let girls have guns, it really mussed things up for us, but at least we got one gunner." Danica turned to Sonia, "Next time step up though, you gotta pull that trigger if you wanna eat with us for much longer." Danica turned to Rhea and Tina "You both did good, Hope you're teaching those girls how to throw some punches. We just killed five girls, We broke the peace and stuff's gonna get real for us tomorrow." Danica finished her portion, and turned to Raza with a soft smile. "Get enough, kitty cat?" Raza flicked her ears playfully and nodded, wiping the blood from her mouth. The other girls finished and spilled out of the room, leaving Raza and Danica alone as always.

Danica sighed loudly "We're gonna lose some girls in the coming weeks... They aren't ready, Tina's girls just don't have the discipline, and only Alex is really putting the whip to them. Maybe a few deaths will get the rest in line, and it will put more food in our bellies. I hope we see the end of this soon though... When do you think they'll let us out?" Raza shook her head, looking up at the ceiling and giving a sigh. "When there's fifteen of us."

Screams and calls of violence rang through the dirty streets outside the camps. A group of Midgardians had gathered to overrun an Aesir check point. The group proved to be too much for the better trained, yet outnumbered Aesir. It had been a bloody, brutal battle, and the Midgardians' celebration had just started, but would be ending prematurely.

Bright neon and rainbow colored light filled the air above, marking a small battalion of Valkyrie. The flurry of light condensed, sharpening into the hard light wings the Valkyrie were known for. After the display failed to run the group off, the Valkyrie attacked. Bullets cut through the air, thunder on their heels and death riding ahead. A hail of lead flew from both sides, and the other Valkyrie landed or swooped through the crowd with sword or staff.

Vo7 -> Never send men to do a Valkyrie's job.

Sana, flying above the massive retaliating crowd, giggled darkly at her 'sister's sentiment. She aimed and fired with trained accuracy, and inhuman speed. With only quarters of a second between shots, she tagged several attackers before the inevitable call back.

Vo1 -> Keep this channel clear for tactical and information, ladies? At least while we're actually in combat!

The text of the messages scrolling in the corner of Sana's vision, the chip in her brain pushing the information along the same paths as visual information. Sana spotted movement to the east, and glanced over fully to identify it.

Vo3 <- Aye, Vo1, Loud and clear. Reinforcements approaching from the East, moving to intercept, Fatima, Join me please?

Vo1 -> Roger that, Sana.

Vo7 -> Getting in position!

Vo7 => How's the girl doing in the camps? I haven't been watching the shows. She gonna make it and become a Valk?

Sana slid gracefully through the air and lined up with one of her sisters. She started firing into the approaching and armed crowd, while Fatima rushed forward. The four armed amazon's punches landing fast and sending men and women flying. The chrome arms flashing bright in the faux summer sun.

Vo7<= She's doing great! I picked a warrior this time! She's leading her little group, so we might have a wing-leader!

Vo7=> Awesome, Sana! You're gonna win the pool I bet! Can we meet at the usual place? You know how a fight gets me.

Vo7<= Fatima, you slut.

A grin played across Sana's lips, as she rained bullets in a storm through the crowd. Her sister a whirling dervish of fists. When the reinforcements were properly dispatched, the two girls turned to see the other battle over as well. Sana turned to Fatima in time to see the redhead's wry grin, and the 7 blazing on her cheek in bright cyan.

Vo1 -> You two did great, I'll tell Freya that Seven and Three one this day for us.

Vo0 ->You did well, Children. Vo1, No need to be so hard on them, Let them have fun on this channel. It's okay. Vo12, Good work today with your new claws. Thank you Girls for a successful mission.

Vo1 -> Yes, Momma Freya, Thank you.

(Small post, but I like it.)

I like it like this. Kind of like a comic book.
Quite a bit of time had passed for the girls. Danica woke up with a start, holding her head in both hands, before letting out a soft sigh.

Odin=> Good morning, Freya.

"Ugh,, I don't think I'll ever get use to that, Raza, hon." Danica's voice came out tired, and scratchy. She turned to smile at Raza, gazing at the now grown teenager sitting on the bed. Danica reach a hand over and stroked her cheek, where a glowing cyan tattoo of the number one sits. A sigh escapes Danica and she shakes her head, leaning back on the bed and staring at the ceiling. "You were wrong.. Sixteen, not fifteen." Danica couldn't help but giggle, remembering the conversation years ago.

"I know, Freya, A lot has changed since then too. We were all thinking you'd be wing leader, and No one thought Odin would pick the cannibal to be that. But I don't think anyone else could be as good a liaison as you, Love." Raza expunged. A sigh escaping her lips as well, her catlike ears twitching as she looks up from her meal to smile to Danica. "We'll do great on the field, together. They already said they'd allow our relationship, so we don't have to worry so much now."

With a snarl, Danica shook her head. "Ugh! Can't you call me Danica? Why does my name have to change?" Danica punched a pillow in useless anger. A frown curling her lips downward. She scooted over to Raza and nestled in.

Odin-> Research and testing has shown an increase in Valkyrie retention since the Freya initiative. Having a direct liaison to the Organic Data Integration Network, as well as to the other Freyas has proven effective for tactical needs as well. Did you need more information, Vk0?

Vk0<- No Odin, thank you.

Odin-> You're welcome.

Vo0<= Don't worry, Hon. We all take some time to get used to it. You're a good addition to our team, We'll have tea sometime when you get out. My new wing-leader, Sana, would like to see you as well.

"When we're in private, I'll try to call you Dani still, Love... But I should really get used to calling you Freya, and you used to hearing it. You'll have to reply to it quickly." Raza pointed a bloody finger at Danica, to prove her point, as she finished her meal. Raza stood up and cleaned herself off, before wrapping her tail around her waist. Danica groaned as Raza grabbed her by the hand, tugging her out of bed and out of their room. "Be good and I'll do that thing you like tonight, Huh Freya?"

"Don't tease me, Raza, Fine! I'll be good," Danica grumped along with Raza, out the door and down the hall to the mess hall, now fully stocked with food and snacks. Danica grabbed a packet of snack meat from a cabinet and leaned back against the counter. "Think the other girls are gonna come out for breakfast? Tomorrow they're placing us in our separate homes. This will be the last time we can all eat breakfast together, excepting you, freak." A giggle erupted from Danica and Raza in unison, ending in Raza pushing Danica playfully.

"So mean Freya, Calling your wing lead a freak." Raze retorted playfully sending Danica a wink.

A voice piped in from the door way "You're both freaks, Cannibal and the only bitch in here who can talk to the ravens." The girl was Rhea. She gazed at Danica with a sigh. "How you doing with that voice in your head, Freya?" Another scowl marred Danica's face.

"I'm doing just fine, Vk4. Thank you." The cold tone in Danica's voice warmed considerably. "How are you doing Rhea? I'm sorry about Tina..." Rhea shook her head furiously, causing her white locks to fall about, as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Gotta get over it someday, it's been five years now, hasn't it?" A sigh escaped Rhea's lips and she leaned back against the counter as well, munching on a graham cracker. "I really hope we get one last breakfast together."

Vk0<- Girls, Let's get some breakfast huh? We're all leaving soon, let's say our good byes and remember that we'll be working together daily up there, Just not living together.

Vk3->Yesss, Mama Freya. We're getting dressed and shit now, We'll be on our way soon.

vk6-> Yep, on our way.

Danica slipped over to Raza with a sigh, a hand moving up to trace the new cyber on her back. She toyed with the hard light wing projectors for a moment, before her Valkyries started walking in. "Good morning, girls."

"Good morning, Freya"

(not sure how this turned out, wanned to skip a head a bit)