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Cyberpunk Podcast #1
Check out the new Cyberpunk Podcast

I've been working on a Cyberpunk Podcast for awhile now. I've got one episode up and ready for consumption. This is different than the IC podcast I've posted about in the past. This is me talking about everything Cyberpunk, books, movies, TV shows and the Theme in general which includes numerous Sindome references

Check it out here, and feel free to send me feedback. First episode is about 30 minutes long.

Seen it already, I liked it and highly recommend it to all Sindomers, whether you have a precise definition of Cyberpunk in mind or not. Highly informative.
I am not sure if I'm not seeing what I need to or not for this podcast.

I can get to podcasts 2-4 easily enough but I'm not locating number 1. (Even tried the folder icon titled, Cyberpunk Podcast.)

Is it not up or am I looking at the page and not seeing it which is likely as well?

Thx :)