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Cyberpunk Comics
comics. cyberpunk. What's not to love?

Figured one of these needs to be started, though they are mentioned elsewhere. Cyber punk comics. Thats right.

The staples:


Some new stuff that's out this month or so:

Automatic Kafka (Ashley wood kids, good shizz)
Paul Pope's 100% (Neat stuff, CP but with a lighter edge, stories are not the shadow run stuff, but more human. Neat tale.)

New Comic. Warren Ellis.

called 'MEK'

Go out and buy it now.

Funny that you don't mention the Neuromancer comic.
Well holy shit, there's a fucking Nuromancer comic?!

WhoooooWhooooooo! I broke 100 posts!

(Edited by Lucien at 12:36 pm on Dec. 10, 2002)

Yup, a comic adaptation of the novel - not a series, though. It's all airbrush, sort of art-deco-ish. The high niftiness, as it were.
Cyberpunk in art-deco and airbrush?

What the fuck. Its all about the edges in CP. Transmet's GOOD artists (yes, they had some sucky ones) were great at the edges.

Airbrush this, fanboy.

Psh, green eggs and ham!

Take a look and then form your opinion.

Hey, I like hard edges as much as the next guy - hell, Murphy's desc is partially based on some Tim Bradstreet covers, and Bradstreet is the hard-edge contrast master. But, there's just some things you *can't* do with edges - hell, to use a cinematic example, imagine Blade Runner without the atmospheric effects. Just sharp lighting and shadows. It'd look so damn german.

Yeah, this is Chant from long ago.. Thought I'd stop in and see how things were here. Where can I pick up a copy of that fancy new Neuromancer comic?
It's actually fairly old. And out of print. You can probably find the scanned pages for download as a zip full o' JPEGs somewhere..
Ghost In the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface.  

It's out in trade paperback from Darkhorse Comics.  Read it if you like CP, but I'd suggest you read the first GITS.  Much better than the movie, and explains a lot of things about the characters therein.

Just my two shares of Enron,


Forgot one:

All the Judge Dredd comics.  Friend of mine has every one of them ever printed.  

I would kill for it, but he's my friend.  Hehe....

I tend to find that Judge Dredd/2000AD tends to lurk somewhere on the fringe between cyberpunk and 'hard' sci-fi, what with the Psi Judges, Dark Judges from another dimension, intergalactic and time travel.
*looks at his pile of comics on the floor*

I have to agree with Johnny. The European syle of airbrush/water colour feels too...clean? I love the gritty nature of the stuff in Empy Zone, and Transmet, though bright and colourful, had amazing lines. I'm looking at this comic called 'The Victorian' right now, kinda skirts the edges of CP, but holy hot shit, the covers for some of these books are -amazing-.

If you are interested, check out http:\\ they have some sweet 'dark edged' comics and stuff.

(Edited by Nicadeamus at 5:56 pm on Dec. 30, 2002)

Ifn' you're interested in some online comics of a /relatively/ CP nature, check out the comics at  Most are in black and white, and some of them are incredibly interesting.  You'll find that stark, hard-edged quality on quite a few of them.

Also, if you /really/ want to check out something that's hard-edged, go purchase the storyboard for the Matrix.  It's in hardcover, and was drawn by some of the best conceptual artists and comic artists using the hard-edged style.  Hehe.  Gotta love the hookups the Wakowski brothers had in the comic book biz.

Just another two shares of useless Enron stock,


Grim mentioned Ghost in the Shell, which I own along with several other series.

Akira is rather CPish in origin if you're unfamiliar with it (though most people probably should know of at least the movie). �Granted the movie was fucking badass as hell.. �it didn't exactly cover the entire story that the 6 graphic novels did. �Yes, that's right. �There's fucking six of these large-ass things. �It may get rather confusing at times, and you'll most likely have to read it a few times to get the whole picture, but its definately a good read if you're into CP comics.. �or any comics, really.

Can't forget Transmet, of course. �Its already been mentioned about a billion times everywhere in this BBS, as well as a few times in the game (Comic Shack, anyone?). �Does anyone know when the final trade paperback is going to be released?.. �Or is it already out?

Ah.. �Battle Angel Alita is rather CPish as well.. �though not really as well-written as I had hoped. �Wasn't there a character named Gally once (the name of the main character in its original japanese format)? �There are other novels in this series as well, but I haven't gotten ahold of them just yet.


Oh, and I remember anim� was brought up somewhere.. �But I forget where on the boards. �Regardless, I'd like to bring up a few movies that may be of interest.. �Akira and Ghost in the Shell are given. �So's Bubble Gum Crisis 2040. �But there's one movie I've found rather recently that I believe is simply badass. �Osamu Tezuka's "Metropolis." �

Metropolis was originally based on a comic series written and illustrated by the same fellow who did such for "Astroboy," �which I personally think seems rather cutesy in its style, but.. �after watching this movie, I'm tempted to read it. �Metropolis, though indeed rather childish-looking with its bright colors, and childlike characters, is simply one of the best CP anim�s I've ever watched. �Not traditional CP, per se, but an original blend of futuristic goodness with a 1920s feel.  Kind of like Steampunk..

Even with the "ancient" clothing styles and similarly styled arcitecture and vehicles, there is a distinct feeling of "this is the future" to everything. �There is everything from street scum to corporate oppressors here. �People fighting for their own freedom. �Androids being mistreated and oppressed, lacking rights of any kind. �Hell, there are even different distinctive LEVELS to the city. �Sound familiar? �Yeah.. �so go check it out. �I'm done rambling.

Would you believe I had the entire original english-language run of Akira comics, printed in North America by Marvel...Every. Last. One.
Appleseed also. Appleseed, by the way, is one of the best CP manga you'll ever get your hands on, pity they flubbed the OAV so horribly.

Lesson: never lend your comics. Ever.

As for Battle Angel Alita - 'Gally' was the name used in the OAV. That's pretty much it, AFAIK. But screw Alita...Jashugan all the way ;) I have the entire 'Motorball' run up until the destruction of the berserker body and death of Ido. I've yet to track down the start till the death of way I'm ordering it and paying 20 bucks a book.

As for BGC Tokyo 2040....about the only thing 2040 has beyond BG Crisis and Crash is cell quality and slightly better composition (I have the vocal compilation CD from the original two series...ugh. Apart Konya wa Hurricane and Mad Machine, the rest is pretty crap). Apart from that, plotwise Crash and Crisis far surpass 2040 (IMO).

As for CP anime with a slightly super-heroish feel, I have to point out 8-Man. Just watch a few, trust me.
I've mentioned it before, but I'll do it again: Jin-Roh. It's not strictly cyberpunk, but it -feels- cyberpunk. Jin-Roh has to be the one anime film (apart Perfect Blue) which can be described as truly gritty.

I may as well mention Tank Police, as it is cyberpunk - though cyberpunk comedy. Very great stuff though, especially 'the ultimate deterrent'.
And since I'm digging into classics here, I find myself compelled to throw Patlabor up there as well.

demon city shijoku is nice also kind of an akira feel.
Bishop was fond of using Pat Labor as his example for 'Mechs' in SD.
Quote: from Johnny on 2:03 am on June 8, 2003[br]Bishop was fond of using Pat Labor as his example for 'Mechs' in SD.

It's all Bishop's fault.

Hrmm, yes. Metropolis is indeed good. So good, infact, that the video shop I used to work at no longer has a copy available for rental... *coughs*

Most of the CPish anime I'd feel inclined to mention has already been mentioned, tho I gotta disagree with Murphy on the 8-man series... personally I thought it was absolute pants.

Tank Police is just brilliant. Comedy and CP may not be obvious partners, but in this case it just works.

Pat Labor as inspiration for mechs in SD I could never go with. Consider, despite "the domes" vast size, it's still a confined space with very rigid boundaries, making all space a very valuable premium. That, in essence, would create a world that most Americans would find very alien and claustrophobic. I think the SD world -does- capture that claustrophobic essence already, if not to the degree that it could, and this state simply wouldn't lend itself to things as impractically space consuming mecha. Much like Europe and the UK, the dome would be an impractical home for vast American autos, wide open spaces, flambouyant use of real estate and the average concept of "personal space".

At the risk of getting this thread totally off topic in noting an obscurely related observation. Studies have indicated that the wearing of dark glasses (or closing ones eyes) significantly decreases the proximity in which personal space is considered violated, both by the subject wearing the glasses and individuals moving towards the subject. So, coincidence it may not be that in the traditionally over-populated and claustrophobic world of CP, dark glasses are the de-rigour fashion accessory.

And I still blame Bishop.

As far as mecha in a cyberpunk environment go, I'm fond of the suits in Appleseed (Landmates)......small and mobile, perfectly suited to urban combat.

The slow, clunky mecha of the AD Police (Bubble Gum Crash, Crisis) also come to mind.

Anyone read Athena, Inc.  The art was very cool, but I got kinda tired of the story.  Anyone else?
ok, it's not all that CP, but the FLCL manga, fuckin nice...
Battle Angel - Yukito Kishiro
My character was Gally/Kikai originally based pretty exactly off of the manga (my first CP RP MOO character ever so i was a n00b), and by the end she was very much her own character but deeply inspired.

I've got almost all the graphic novels and they've just started a new series, Last Order, it's some years later.  Not completely sure of the story line between, but i think that'll be revealed.  Both series have some amazingly creative outlooks on social interaction and simply trying to survive in a CP world.

Lone Wolf 2010- Dark horse
based off of the old graphic novel Lone Wolf and Cub.  a cyborg kidnaps some predominant scientists daughter, so the corp hires a merc team to track him and bring him in with the girl.  supposedly they think the girl is infected with a war spore meant to kill all non-cyborgs (there's some racial tension), but in fact, she's the only cure...

Dark Minds: mecropolis - DreamWave?
Dunno if i really rcommend.  Not too impressed by the anime attempt. But the coloring in the dream wave books are always pretty sweet.  They do a LOT to salvage the artwork.
Dreamwave has a few CP/Post-apoc/SciFi books.  

that's all i got at the moment :P


I've got a bunch of the old Judge Dredd Comics.  I don't understand the correlation between Judge Dredd/2000AD or whatever.  They are always mentioned together.. Is 2000AD a comic about the world of Judge Dredd?  Could someone in the know explain that too me?  Google is not being very helpful at the moment.
They have this website and I like it. I like it alot. I'm not really quite sure what the relation is and I'm too lazy to try and figure out at this juncture in time. Desolation Jones is a marvelous comic though.

Ah sweet.  I knew of the website, but I wasn't sure if that was taken from context or what.
Yes, yes...we all love batman...but recently I had the privledge of having a friend lend me the hardcover jumbo copy of Hush. Its amazing. Simply put...oh, and it is of course...jumbo and hard. Just don't compare and contrast, please. :spank:
Hush is excellent.  Too bad they brought Hush back into the mix about a year later.  It would have served the Batman universe better to keep Hush as one of the few villains that actually got away and was never seen again.  Still.  Hush is a fantastic read even for those who have never picked up an issue of Batman.

Just my two cents worth,


I got curious and started looking up Hush, and I think it was excellent. Thanks for the post, grim, much help.
I'm surprised there's no mention of Blame! in here. It's just... epic.
Brian G. Wood's Channel Zero, Channel Zero: Jenna One, as well as his recent work DMZ.

Damned good comics.