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Cyberpunk 2077
Surprised there isn't a thread already

Who else is hyped for this?

CD Projekt Red AND the creator of Cyberpunk 2020?

Fresh underwear please.

Hell yeah, I've been waiting 5 years since I saw the first teaser trailer.
I still love the song from the first teaser. The trailer looks like the game has gone a slightly different directions since then, but it still looks neat.
Rest assured kroack that it's still going to be dark and cyberpunk as the first trailer - they were actually asked about the E3 trailer and it was explained they wanted to show the city in the day rather than the conventional night time scene.

At night it will be exactly like the original trailer.


Full album of those guys.

HOLY FUCK. Check out this 48 minute game-play trailer. I have to say, this game looks so fucking ace! I haven't been excited for a PC game in a long time. This is great!!!

CP2077 is what brought me to Sindome. I got nostalgic for CP2020 and thought it would be fun to come RP in a persistent, cyberpunk themed world.
My favorite moment in the trailer, just,

*MC just had sex, it's implied in a very obvious fashion*

NARRATOR:Cyberpunk Twenty Seventy Seven is a mature and compelling roleplaying experience.

You know there was a team at marketing giggling as they wrote that into the script.

Not into the name, but that's Mike Pondsmith's fault more than theirs, though they could have created an original IP.