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Cyberpunk 2020
The actual board game

So, Playstation access did a 5-part series about this, in which five of them sat around a table with fleshed out characters and played CP2020. I must admit, I enjoyed listening to it quite a bit.

I'd strongly recommend watching all 5 eps, it'll run you about 5 hours give or take, but it's also nice background noise (No spoilers, but the ending is actually pretty tight and the whole series definitely inspired a future character for me, bonus points if you guess which.) Ep one to get you started.

That was whiz, thanks for sharing!
I played CP2020 for about a year. I was in my teens, so we were definitely at the hack and slash, mini-max the crap out of everything and kill stuff phase. Given that, we never really understood what the point of the rocker was.

For those who played, what do you think?

Looking back on it now, it seems like the best use for that character was to create "flash mobs" (to steal a more recent term) and act as a distraction / mobile riot to keep the corpsec busy while the rest of the team got busy doing the real work.

Is there any equivalent of that in Sindome? For example, if a character with a really high performance skill decided to throw an off the cuff concert, could they expect dozens (hundreds, thousands?) of NPCs to show up?

Read the globe, chum. Celebrities have done this before.

I 100% bet you were playing a rockerboy/girl, probably one with some moderately high charisma to do this. There's a short story in the 2020 handbook that covers that with Rockerboy Johnny Silverhand (the best damn rockerboy) who was one of Pondsmith's 3 player characters (And one of the childhood idols you can pick in 2077 if you watch the gameplay)

But yes, with the right shit. It's possible. Aim for the stars, rockerboy. Aim for the fragging stars.