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CP2020 Humble Bundle
Pretty dope CP2020 deal

I saw this in my inbox and decided to share:

Looks like a ton of CP2020 source books for a good price!

Nice. Thanks for sharing!
Anyone know anything about these titles?
I read a few of the 2020 books when I was trying to broaden by cyberpunk literacy.

They're pretty much trashy 90s comic cheesecake and some very over-the-top edgy writing, but they're a time capsule and there's many now iconic cyberpunk elements that started (or was popularized by, they borrow stuff without shame) by Cyberpunk 2013/2020.

...I just looked at the price. It's basically a full set for what one or two books would cost in hard copy, really for anyone interested in cyberpunk as a genre that is a great deal.
Wow. What an amazing deal.

On a related note, I just noticed that all pre-orders of CP2077 come with a digital copy of the original CP2020 sourcebook.