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Town Hall Improvement Ideas
Got ideas for how we could change up the Town hall?

If you have ideas for how we could change up the town hall, or provide different info, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

We typically follow a simple formula:

1. pick the date

2. announce the date

3. open a thread for topic ideas

4. remind people to submit ideas

5. close thread the night before town hall

6. create spotify playlist

7. create agenda day of

8. specific admin write speeches about their ownership areas

9. remind people on fb about town hall

10. remind people on moo

11. remind people with website announcement

12. have the town hall

- speeches

- topic discussion

- open discussion (time permitting)

- rp awards (winter town hall only)

13. admin break off into different rooms based on function and continue to chat for several hours

14. compile doc of takeaways during / after town hall

15. review takeaways and action on as many as we can in the weeks following town hall

16. send out town hall feedback survey

17. post town hall log on website for all to view that missed it

In the past we've iterated on the speaking queue and sitting/standing, and restricted certain commands, added the announcement that the townhall is ongoing when you connect, and other helper/QOL changes to make it go more smoothly.

I'm interested in QOL changes, feedback on the format, pretty much anything. I'll consider it all :)


-- S

(Edited by Slither at 7:35 pm on 9/27/2021)

So first of all, I like the Town Halls. I think usually when I go to them, I come back to the game rather energized. Because there are times when the game can really beat you down with drama and danger and plot. But when you get to laugh with people you've met and played with in game... it kind of puts a really nice perspective on things. Yeah, that person trying to crease you isn't really a sociopath!

Thinking about it, what do I like out of the Townhall. In order, it's:

1) The social aspect of being able to joke with people who have been trying to kill you.

2) Hearing all the player feedback that's given about topics and the different perspectives on how things should be.

3) Information on the game and how it's doing and what's coming.

That's not to say that anything isn't important, just that's what I like. When I first read this, I thought, 'not much really needs to change' and that's mostly right. The Town Halls, for me, are really nice boosts and delivery of information that makes me want to get right back too it.

However, after thinking about it, there is always the issue of time. So anything that could speed the process to let more of this happen is always good. Often, people when they speak are typing out their comments. Perhaps we could have a queue system that allows you to submit your comment to the queue and a moderator could just play those comments. It might cut out on some of the delays. As much as I love the stand up aspect of things, if you had something like this, it would probably allow for more interaction.

Something like:

qsay "I'd really like for more types of tea to be put into the game. It's an outrage that I can't get PG Tips in my apartment because we all know that's the brand that will outlive the end of the world!"

Then at some point, the moderator could do a qplay DancingRoo (Or my character name) and it would play my queued comments. Saves time, people still get the info and there is still give and take. It just removes the cumbersome pause on typing.

You could even make it more efficient by having a queue that you can add it too since people already know the topics.

qsay tea "Blah blah blah..."

Love the format, just would like to get more people a chance to have their say and interaction between people saying things.