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Today I Learned; Sindome Version

I learned not too long ago after playing this game for several years that you can 'peer direction' while in a vehicle. Explains a lot.

What are some commands, features, etc that you didn't know existed for the longest time and felt dumb for not knowing?

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(Edited by Ares at 6:43 am on 5/11/2023)

You can whisper into your phone by typing


and you can speak audibly into your phone by typing

to progia Hello

Hi all,

Cool thread - we are kind of riding a line here with some IC info, so we have had to redact a couple of posts. We're going to keep this open now but this thread cannot be used to reveal information about IC systems or products and how those IC systems or products work or can be best used.

We want to make sure that players are learning about IC systems or products ICly rather than on the BGBB.

This will need to be kept strictly to commands and OOC things.

Thank you for understanding!

(Edited by Ares at 6:46 am on 5/11/2023)

You can use the shove command on yourself. Useful? Probably not. But interesting.