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Summer '21 Town Hall Takeaways
List of items from the town hall we have actioned on

A brief list of things we've actioned on from the admin notes from the Town Hall

- Add a tip-line for Help Expectations

- Start thinking about general things we can dish out to different employment groups to discuss during weekly meetings (new system created)

- We should make it so syndicates require a language [done, FOIC]

- Adding road hazards that are corpses

- Look at inflation and the game's economy [lowered prices]

- Come up with a way to make it so mixers aren't cheesed on for taking money from corpies [admin enforcing this theme]

- Discuss having NPC's give out jobs from corpies. [done, new system same as earlier][

- How can we make it so jealousy is a conflict motivator that doesn't downplay conflict or something [done, new system mentioned earlier]

- Make it known that it's okay to say "Can you tone down your accent" etc if they're using a screen-reader and it's hard to understand. [done, BGBB post]

- Give IC feedback to corp players when their actions affect stock neg/pos [chatter added]

- Involving Neo in conflict with other factions in some way [done, new system]

- Wjf tactical armor - see if it's tattered on the parent [fixed]

(Edited by Slither at 2:20 pm on 10/14/2021)

As a player, it feels great to see staff act on direct feedback from the playerbase, and to design+code+build exciting new content and implement it into IC. Thanks, staff, for all your hard work. It's appreciated.
Thank you so much for posting these. It is good to see how feedback is taken in. Thank you for the summary and all the wonderful changes that have been happening!