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Spring 2106 Memes Thread
may your creative efforts blossom

Trying to sleaze into a bar while shrouded:

@svetlana, that makes me think of when you try to sleaze into a place but notice you're soaking wet. :(
Damn Mind's Eye

Shitbergs the Musical

The nature of snitching:

dealing with extremely horny sd players

Good lord...
Sandwich alignment chart but it's that argument y'all keep having about solos.

Simply replace "Senator" and "Representative" for Corporate and Corpie, respectively, and this is the perfect guide to playing a corporate citizen.


Mixer hygiene?

So Sindome relevant I had to repost.

@groin me is help chastity

Everytime a mixer and a corpie are in a lev station together.

Sindome scale of heart rate.

Heh, it's the opposite order for me.
Sindome in a nutshell.

me @ you on pubsic

applying to a red sector hospital/clinic be like

comprehensive guide on how to use public SIC

When you're 100% sick of getting dipped.

Doing this from my phone. Let's see if it works...

The clothes I sometimes imagine from cyberpunk communists.

I'm cackling.

Ruh Roh, Shaggy.

When there's a Communist on SIC:

When Mixers forget to shower before going topside

When a Judge charges you chyen as a penalty for a crime:

I will be very surprised if this has not been shared before but, let's get down to business.

Sindome 1999-2020:

Sindome 2021:

This works better when the image goes through: